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3 Keys For C9 To Defeat P1 And Clinch A First Round Bye

We have reached the final week of the Spring Split and there is a battle between Cloud9 and Phoenix1 to get a first round bye for the playoffs. 


After starting the Split 8-0 and being first in the Split throughout the whole season, C9 have fallen to 2nd in the standings with a record of 4-4 in their last eight games. Cloud9 are only one game ahead of Phoenix1 in the standings, making this match between them feel like a playoff game with how much it impacts the playoffs. With one week left to play, here are 3 keys for C9 to defeat P1 and clinch a first round bye.

Shut Down Arrow

Phoenix1’s AD Carry Arrow is the best player on the team and has arguably been the best player this split. So how can Cloud9 stop Arrow who seems to never have a bad game at all?

C9 will look to be the first to expose the new addition to the P1 roster in Stunt, their support who has only played with the team for two weeks now. During these two weeks, P1 hasn’t faced a top team in the standings and C9 can be the first slow down Arrow with the short time Arrow and Stunt have been playing together. Sneaky and Smoothie have been improving as a bot-lane duo this split and it shows with Smoothie being one of the best if not the best support this split.

In 40 games this split Smoothie leads C9 in KDA with 5.2 and has amassed an impressive number of assists with 355. That number ranks him in 2nd place amongst all players in the Spring Split, trailing only TSM support Biofrost’s 401. 


It seems like in a lot of C9’s recent victories their Jungler Contractz has been the best performer. Contractz dropped 15 kills in their only victory in their 1-2 loss to Immortals last week which is the most kills this split by any player. Contractz was able to single-handedly able to carry that game for C9 with all of the solo kills he notched that game against IMT. Maybe he can perform like he did in the Immortals win during the series against P1 to give C9 early leads in their games which is an area of concern for the team. 

To put that performance against IMT in perspective, in his 40 games played, Contractz has totalled 151 kills. 10% of those came in one game. 

Late Game Team Fighting

C9 is one of the best teams this split when it comes to team fighting due to their great communication and the time that they have played together. The team has kept most of their roster together except for their new addition to the team in Contractz, but they all have played together this entire split. Their late game team fighting abilities showed last week in their final victory against Team Envy where they were 54 minutes into the game and none of the C9 members died in the final fight to finish off the game. If C9 want to beat P1, they need to have superior team fighting to gain advantages over the map.

The exciting match between Cloud9 and Phoenix1 is set to take place on Saturday at 3pm PST. Let us know in the comment section below on who you think will clinch the first round bye!

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3 Keys For C9 To Defeat P1 And Clinch A First Round Bye

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