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2017 NA LCS Semifinals: Top 3 Players to Watch

Here’s who to watch this weekend.

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For this weekend’s NA LCS semifinal teams to see victory, they will have to rely on these three players.

P1 Ryu

There is no doubt that Phoenix1 is going to face an uphill battle this Saturday in their series against Cloud9. In their quarterfinal match against Dignitas, Ryu was eager to carry with an 11-3 score over the three games. For this reason alone, you and I both know that Cloud 9 has been working all week to build a strategy which represses the P1 mid laner and snowballs Jensen.

In their last regular season match against C9, Phonenix1 lost 0-2. Looking at the map flow and kill participation, the statistics don’t lie; C9 Jensen used early jungle support to help shut down Ryu and secure confident victories. Will this victory have a similar outcome to the semifinals?

To see success, P1 Inori will have to successfully draft a winning jungle matchup to counter the pressures of Cloud 9’s jungle-mid duo. If this fails, there is a strong likelihood that C9 will swiftly advance to the spring split finals.

FLY Moon & FLY Hai

I’ve decided to pair these two players together because their combined performance was paramount in their victory against CLG. With Hai’s shotcalling ability and Moon’s playmaking potential, the duo will likely be the deciding factor in FlyQuest’s competency to defeat TSM.

Statistically, Moon boasts the highest jungle KDA in the regular season at 3.8, compared to Svenskeren’s 3.0. While this does not definitively suggest that Moon is better, it does show the difference in play style of the two teams. FLY relies on a harder carry from Moon, while Svenskeren is likely to gift wrap his kills to other teammates. While I don’t predict Moon is going to bring out the game 1 Evelynn pocket pick, playing passive is not the answer to victory.

The greater kill discrepancy of this series lies in Bjergsen’s 5.5 KDA against FLY Hai’s 2.6 KDA. Again, the teams have slightly different play styles, but all eyes are going to be on Hai this series to see if he can hold his own. That said, it’s not like the viewers are the only ones who notice this. Going into the match, FlyQuest and TSM know that Bjergsen’s consistent history of being a top-tier player will stifle Hai’s chances of snowballing mid lane with standard play. If Hai falls behind, his team communication will have to stay strong and coordinated. For more information on the highlight match of the semifinals, feel free to read Daniil Volkov’s analysis of the upcoming match here.

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2017 NA LCS Semifinals: Top 3 Players to Watch

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