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2017 EU LCS W7D1 ROC vs OG: Highlights & Post-Match Analysis

ROC vs OG! Two primary candidates for the relegation clash in a BO3! And it was everything you could ever hope for!

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Match Recap

It was a do or die situation for the teams coming into this series. Neither ROCCAT nor Origen have had even a single series win this season and—frankly—both of them looked like an absolute mess. Origen took some steps to fixing the situation. In particular, they’ve brought the team’s owner, xPeke, to the support role and signed a promising new jungler, Cinkrof. Unfortunately, the latter wasn’t able to play due to Riot not getting the necessary paperwork in time. xPeke and Origen were on their own. 

Game 1roc og g 1

Origen took over the early game. Clutch Flash engages from xPeke’s Karma opened up a lot of picks for Origen, and ROCCAT crumbled under the pressure. However, ROCCAT made an effort to avoid decisive team fights and managed to take down multiple turrets to keep up in gold. Even so, Origen were up with 6 kills to 0 and were in full control of the map. It looked all but over as Origen set up—and took—their first Baron.

But that was just a glimpse of things to come. The game swiftly—although, ‘swiftly’ might not be the right word—devolved into a slugfest. ROCCAT were intent on turtling and making no aggressive moves whatsoever, while Origen struggled to gain any ground against the enemy’s potent wave clear. Wisdom got caught out several times in a row. Phaxi died trying to secure a blue buff with no vision. But even with these openings, neither side could find a way to capitalise on them.

Still, Origen were the ones dictating the pace of this match. Unfortunately, that pace slowed down to a crawl as both teams realised that a single lost team fight could mean their demise. It didn’t take one or two but a staggering number of five Barons and Elder Dragons for Origen to finally break open ROCCAT’s base. And it all came down to a final fight with a scramble to focus down the enemy Nexus, respawning Inhibitors, and a standout performance from Naehyun himself.

The clown fiesta of a game finally came to its conclusion and after a 33-game losing streak, Origen’s mid laner got his first win.

Game 2

roc og g 2

But roles were reversed in game two. Now ROCCAT were in the driver’s seat. Origen made a valiant effort to fight back, but it was a constant struggle to come up with ways to deal with ROCCAT’s Malzahar and a surprise Swain pick. In particular, Naehyun got so far behind that he had close to no presence in skirmishes, which is a problem when you’re playing Syndra. Every time a team fight happened, Origen found themselves one or two kills and an objective behind.

The late game was a giant mess. It seemed that ROCCAT’s only idea of closing out the game was forcing countless Barons and hoping their opponents would walk up to fight them. Fortunately, Origen did exactly that. But even with Barons, Elder Dragons, and Inhibitor advantages on ROCCAT’s side, the fights were incredibly back and forth.

The game culminated in a single team fight at the 51-minute mark. ROCCAT’s Maxlore was able to find a pick on Origen’s Satorius with a follow-up kill on Wisdom. What followed was a confident push for Origen’s Inhibitors. And even though Origen managed to fend off the attackers and made an attempt to crawl back into the game with a desperate Baron call, three waves of Super Minions were just too much to deal with. A win for ROCCAT!

Game 3


Once again, ROCCAT managed to find first picks of the game on Wisdom and Satorius. However, Origen were quick to answer with roams and dives of their own. But once the team fights started, it became painfully obvious who was the top dog in this game as ROCCAT absolutely murdered their opponents.

This lead to Origen setting up a 3-man trap in the enemy jungler—a move that could only be attributed to desperation—and getting collapsed on by ROCCAT’s entire team. With 3 kills to 0, it was an easy Baron call for ROCCAT and an even easier end of the game as they pushed towards the enemy base with a Baron buff and a gigantic gold lead.

A 2-1 victory for ROCCAT!

Match Highlights

Game 1

Game 2

Game 3

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2017 EU LCS W7D1 ROC vs OG: Highlights & Post-Match Analysis

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