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2017 EU LCS Spring Split in Review: Team Vitality

Team Vitality had playoff hopes coming into this split. In the Summer Split of 2016, Vitality finished with the most match ties (9) in the league, resulting in a record of 4-9-6. This record caused them to finish 7th in the standings in the split where they unfortunately missed the playoffs, but they also avoid the Promotion Tournament. To make a playoff run this split they upgraded their Bot Lane by adding Pierre “Steeelback” Medjaldi (ADC) and Seung-chan “Hachani” Ha (Support).  


Team Record: 3-10 (9-21)- Group B: 4th place (Missed playoffs)

Top Laner: Cabochard – 30 Games Played – 69 kills, 67 deaths, 126 assists – 2.9 KDA

Jungler: Djoko – 30 Games Played – 78 kills, 99 deaths, 147 assists – 2.3 KDA

Mid Lane: Nukeduck – 30 Games Played – 79 kills, 88 deaths, 127 assists – 2.3 KDA

Mid Lane: GBM – 3 Games Played – 10 kills, 12 deaths, 9 assists – 1.6 KDA

ADC: Steeelback – 30 Games Played – 70 kills, 42 deaths, 127 assists – 4.7 KDA

Support: Hachani – 18 Games Played – 15 kills, 72 deaths, 106 assists – 1.7 KDA

Support: AoD – 9 Games Played – 5 kills, 19 deaths, 43 assists – 2.5 KDA

Coming into the Season

At the start of the season Vitality were hoping to avoid being a below-average team like they were last split, with their key additions in the bot lane. They signed Steeelback (ADC) and Hachani (Support), who was formerly on KT Rolster. These two looked like they were going to contend to be in the mix of some of the best bot lane duo’s coming into this split. They also kept their solo laners on the team in Cabochard, and Nukeduck so they could continue to make improvements throughout the split. But the one main thing that plagued Team Vitality during the 2016 Summer Split also came back to haunt them again (and maybe even worse this time) in the 2017 Spring Split and that is inconsistency.


Just when they thought it couldn’t get worse, it kind of did throughout the whole split for Vitality. The only player who seemed to be consistent throughout this play would be Steeelback. His stats aren’t near the top of the ranks of all the other ADC’s like Rekkless or Zven, but for all the struggles that the team had throughout the split, he seemed to perform well with a KDA of 4.7.  Sadly, for the rest of his teammates, they all had struggles of their own with their performances. Everyone but Steelback and Cabochard all had more deaths than kills this split, resulting in their KDA’s being below 2.5. This happens to be a huge problem because a lot of the players are not performing well in a lot of the games. For example, Hachani has the 9th worst KDA (1.7) in the league. For the expectations that there were coming in at the start of the split, it is definitely not what they expected him to be doing. Vitality also finished the split with less wins than they had last split from 4 to 3. Thankfully for Vitality they were able to finish the split without having to be sent into the Promotion Tournament, so they have another shot at making the playoffs in the Summer Split.

What’s to Come?

Vitality are going to have some time to think about their roster, so they can figure out if they need to make more roster changes. I think Vitality knows that they have the potential to be able to build around their bot lane. If they can get Steelback and Hanchani working on the same page together, they could be what they expected coming into spring, but instead do so in the summer split. Maybe even keeping everyone on the roster and trying at it again could be the correct decision because they were able to see some improvement (even though it was little), coming around at the end of the split where they won 2 of their 3 games during the last 5 weeks.

What are your thoughts on Team Vitality’s season? Let us know in the comments below!

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2017 EU LCS Spring Split in Review: Team Vitality

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