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League of Legends NA LCS Mid Split MVPs

With the split half way done, we look at what players have been stepping up in each position.

League of Legends NA LCS Mid Split MvPs  

With the Summer split now a little over halfway done, it seems a good time to look at which individual players have been stepping up and having the highest impact on their teams. Additionally, as a rule and to make this list more interesting, I’m going to be sticking to a “1 player per team” in order to give credit to players in lower ranked teams.

Toplane – IMT Huni

Now Huni may have a large number of deaths, but it’s hard to argue that his impact for IMT this split hasn’t been immense. He dies a lot, sure (78 deaths), but he also picks up a lot of kills (91 kills). A lot of this is down to the fact that Huni is able to make lots of solo plays, with a confidence which is absent in many players. He also has a very wide champion pool, which forces teams to make special considerations in champion select.

Special Mentions – Impact, Seraph, Hauntzer

Jungle – NRG Santorin

Although his squad is struggling, Santorin continues to put up great performances, game in game out. He has the highest kill participation for junglers, 80.4%, and a very respectable 4.8 KDA. If his team weren’t under-performing so vastly, Santorin would be near the top of anybody’s MVP list. Junglers like Meteos and Reignover might trump him in other stats, but they are part of much stronger teams, and the fact that Santorin is so criminally underappreciated is the reason he is on this list.

Special Mentions – Meteos, Reignover, Svenskeren, Dardoch

Midlane – TSM Bjergsen

The Bjerger King is back. After having a questionable Spring Split, Bjergsen has reasserted himself as the top dog of midlaners, and is looking pretty unstoppable right now. His champion pool is as vast as ever, although he has been particularly favoring Azir and Zilean. His Azir is swiftly becoming the thing of legends in NA, and his Zilean is currently undefeated, with a 28 KDA. In terms of other stats, he tops the table for KDA in his position with 8.3, and has a very respectable kill participation of 72.9%. There is currently no bigger playmaker in NA.

Special Mentions – Froggen, Pobelter, Fenix

AD Carry – C9 Sneaky

Given his youthful appearance and demeanor, it seems strange to refer to Sneaky as a veteran of the scene, but he is currently just that. Despite a lacking performance over the weekend, Sneaky is still having an incredible split. He has a 6.1 KDA and a huge 76.5 kill participation, due to his preference towards utility AD carries. But this doesn’t mean Sneaky isn’t a big carry for Cloud9. He has great teamfight positioning, and a good laning phase (especially when he is paired with Bunny Fufu), and is always a huge damage dealer for his team. For example, during C9’s series against Envy, Sneaky was able to deal over 11000 damage of Ashe, and secure the Summer split’s only Pentakill so far.

Special Mentions

Doublelift, LOD, Wildturtle

Support – Biofrost

Okay, so I’m breaking the 1 player per team, but I really couldn’t give this to anyone else. BunnyFufu was a close second, but Biofrost has made a statement in his rookie split of the NA LCS, and is making a serious case for himself as rookie of the split. He has more assists than any other player (228), and has the highest KDA in the league currently (9.8). He isn’t afraid or intimidated by the veterans on the team, and he already seems to have built up a trust with them. Watching TSM play, it’s clear that they have a lot of faith in Biofrost’s playmaking abilities.

Special Mentions. – BunnyFufu, Adrian, Gate


League of Legends NA LCS Mid Split MVPs

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