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League of Legends EU Power Rankings – Week 2

League of Legends EU Power Rankings - Week 2Well, we definitely learned a lot during Week 2 of the EU LCS. First off, my pick of

League of Legends EU Power Rankings – Week 2

Well, we definitely learned a lot during Week 2 of the EU LCS. First off, my pick of FC Schalke 04 in the 2nd place spot was way off, and I definitely underestimated ROCCAT. Luckily, after two weeks of play, it is a lot easier to see where these team’s skills rank when compared with each other. And with that, Week 2 of Power Rankings begin! 1. G2 eSports (jumped 1 spot) G2 makes this game look easy: they’ve won 7 of their 8 games so far, and most have been by a landslide. They made Splyce look like a Challenger team and had their first loss of the season to ROCCAT. Sven and Mithy are going to work in the bot lane, and both Trick and Perkz have been playing at the top of their game. Right now, it looks as if it’s G2’s season to lose. That being said, just this week, G2 announced that it’s making a permanent change to the roster by benching Kikis for Expect (apparently Kikis made an ultimatum to G2, and the organization didn’t like that very much). It’s uncertain how this will impact the team as a whole, but I have a feeling they won’t fall from the number one spot for a while. 2. H2k (jumped 3 spots) Well H2k made some big changes fast, and it seems like they’re working pretty well. While the sweep against Giants Gaming was expected, the sweep against Fnatic came as a surprise to most. The team seems to have completely forgotten about FORG1VENGRE, as the new bot lane has been dominating the competition. While G2 has the top spot locked up pretty securely, most teams are going to be vying for this number two spot. And for now, it seems like H2k deserve it more than the rest. Next week will be the deciding factor though, as they face G2 eSports. Perhaps we will see who is truly the best in the EU. 3. ROCCAT (jumped 5 spots) I know, I know, I messed up big time with this ranking last week. I just didn’t think ROCCAT was a team that was in contention for anything this year. And oh boy, was I wrong. ROCCAT came out and swept Team Vitality and handed G2 its only loss of the season. Raise played a fantastic Janna last week, and Airwaks was unstoppable with Gragas in the jungle. ROCCAT faces both Origen and Schalke next week, so wins against both would help cement their place as a top-tier team. 4. Fnatic (dropped 1 spot) After watching Fnatic dismember Unicorns of Love, I thought that for sure they would be the team that could challenge G2 for the number one spot. But then Friday happened, and Fnatic got swept by H2k. Now, I know that losing to the number two team isn’t that bad, but Fnatic got destroyed; in the second game of the H2k series, Fnatic only picked up one kill (versus H2k’s 11). Now, it is very possible that Fnatic just had an off series, which is what I’m assuming. Yellowstar didn’t get his comfort pick of Braum all weekend, and Rekkles is still playing well as ADC. The rest of the team hasn’t showed any big gameplay problems, so it’s probably just a matter of time before they make it into the top three again. 5. Splyce (jumped 1 spot) This week was a lot better for Splyce than it looks on paper. While they may have only won 2 games this weekend, their losses came to G2, and you can’t really blame them for those. Splyce actually did relatively well against G2 in one of the games, but like I said earlier, G2 just makes it look too easy. Luckily for Splyce, they also faced FC Schalke, and swept the series with some impressive play. Splyce is working well together on the field, but there are still some kinks they need to work out. A team as young as Splyce doesn’t have the type of experience other teams do, but once this season kicks into high gear, I’m expecting to see Splyce competing for a top playoff spot. 6. FC Schalke (dropped 4 spots) It may have been a mistake to jump onto the Schalke Bandwagon so soon. I admit, putting them in the number two spot last week was a misstep on my part. Yet, this team is nowhere near the bottom of the league. Yes, they may have gotten swept by Splyce and yes they may have split with Origen, but they aren’t performing poorly. Both games against Origen were close, and only one of the games against Splyce was a slaughter. The team showed promise during the first week, so it’s possible that this week was just a fluke. That being said, I would say this is where the line is drawn between mid-tier and bottom-tier teams. Perhaps one of Schalke’s greatest advantages is that they aren’t as bad as everyone one else. 7. Origen (jumped 2 spots) Welcome to the bottom of the list, where the teams are hard to rank because they are all bad. I’d say the strongest of the weak has to be Origen, who saw some W’s this week with xPeke in. I said last week that Origen would probably bounce back and make their way back to the top of the list. I was right in the regard that they’d move up, but wrong in thinking that they’d be a top contender this year. The team is just playing bad overall, and specifically SoaZ is dropping the ball. His map awareness and pressure is non-existent compared to the other top laners in the EU LCS. It’s going to take a miracle for Origen to reach the ranks they did last season. 8. Team Vitality (dropped 4 spots) I figured that last week was too good to be true, and it was. The team got swept by ROCCAT and tied with Origen. While they might not be doing too bad on the leaderboard, it’s obvious that there are holes in the team’s gameplay. While Mightybear has been doing well in the jungle, every other position was questionable this week. Nukeduck was possibly the worst, though, with barely going positive in every game but the win. Vitality faces both Unicorns of Love and H2k next week, so the team needs to make sure it can take advantage of the weak Unicorns before facing the rough H2k. 9. Giants Gaming (jumped 1 spot) There’s not too much to say about Giants Gaming other than they can beat the worst team in the league. The team continues to play the same, safe meta picks as everyone else, and I don’t see them going up in ranking anytime soon. Only winning 2 of 8 games can be rough, but on a positive note, those two wins did equal three points. The team has a lot to work on, but it was exciting to see S0NSTAR get that Penta on Thursday (I mean, how often do you see an Ezreal Penta?). All that being said, the team faces Splyce and Origen next week, so if they want to prove something to the league, they’re going to have to play their best. 10. Unicorns of Love (dropped 3 spots) That was fast. After sweeping Origen during week one, the Unicorns of Love didn’t win a single game this week, including games against the previous number 10 Giants Gaming. Everything that could go wrong went wrong for the Unicorns this week, and it doesn’t seem like things are going to get better. The only positive note for the Unicorns is that their two wins were in one series, so they currently have three points instead of just two. It’s just not UoL’s season.

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League of Legends EU Power Rankings – Week 2

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