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League of Legends EU LCS: H2K head in to Semi-Final as heavy favourites

H2KRosterAndrei "Odoamne" PascuMarcin "Jankos" JankowskiYoo "Ryu" Sangook’sKonstantinos “FOR

H2K Roster Andrei “Odoamne” Pascu Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski Yoo “Ryu” Sangook’s Konstantinos “FORG1VENGRE” Tzortziou Oskar “VandeR” Bogdan The Team Before the 2016 EU LCS Spring Split kicked off, H2K made some swift changes to their roster only keeping on Odoamne and Ryu from the group that attended the 2015 World Championships. They made moves in the off-season that brought in three players who complement each other’s style of play, recruiting both Jankos and VandeR from ROCCAT and FORG1VEN from Gambit Gaming. These roster enhancements brought H2K the name of the ‘European Super Team’ by some but others recognised this as a team that just jelled together. Spring Split H2K have shown an impressive form over the 2016 Spring Split  going 14 wins to 4 loses and finishing the split second to G2 eSports. The team’s ability to play to each other’s strengths has been core to the success. This can be easily highlighted in the player who has been part of H2K since they qualified for their first LCS split in the 2014 Challenger Series. Odoamne has the ability to adapt to different play styles and it is this versatility that has kept the top laner in the H2K roster. Early leads H2K have a successful rate of gaining an early lead, they are known for their early tower and first blood aggression to be able to gain an advantage. They have a success rate of 77% in gaining first blood and 72% for first tower in the regular split. Due to the lack of benefits an early dragon provides H2K are happy to gift this to the enemy team. H2K will use an early lead to control the transition from early into mid game, where they have previously had an average 1,371 gold lead at the 15-minute point. With the slight gold advantage they will look to start skirmishes to gain further map objectives but their main focus being towers that provide global gold to the team. These early leads will feed into the style that H2K enjoy playing, with their control of global gold they provide the resources to lanes, which have suffered during the early game. Both teams will look to funnel gold into their bot lane duo but H2K are able to do this without the cost being too expensive to the rest of the team, where as Origen are known for their botlane getting ahead but their top and jungler gold at 10 minutes being below the enemy counter parts. How can Origen stop H2K? Origen is currently on a 7 game win streak and will be looking to continue their form into this series. In the previous match-up’s against H2K, Origen have made early mistakes and provided H2K with an early lead. Origen has to survive the early and mid game push and keep tempo with H2k, this will be their best chance in winning the games. Xpeke over PowerofEvil – In a best of 5 experience will be key and there is not many other midlaners who are as experienced as Xpeke. His ability to run teleport in the midlane is something that will support Origen’s fight against H2K, especially if they opt to run double TP themselves. Xpekes champion pool is not the largest, and he is unable to dedicate enough game time due to other Origen commitments that could swing the vote to PoE. It would be great to say that this would be a prolonged series going 3-2 with Origen fighting to the last breath and the games to go either way. Sadly I believe that H2K will ease into the Spring Split Finals going 3-1 and ending Origen’s resurgence from the end of the split.

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League of Legends EU LCS: H2K head in to Semi-Final as heavy favourites

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