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Is Escape from Tarkov the next big thing?

This game has been getting a lot of buzz recently, and it's all because of this unique mechanic.

At first glance, Escape from Tarkov may seem like another generic survival FPS, but once you dig below the surface you realise it has the potential to be so much more. The game is set in fictional Tarkov in Russia. The city has fallen into anarchy and is pretty much abandoned apart from two factions fighting for control. The aim is to discover what led to Tarkov’s mysterious downfall and escape the hell-hole. The story, however, is not the main draw, it’s the gameplay, and it looks like it offers an entirely new and unique gaming experience.  

From what’s been seen so far, it’s the love child of Rust and Arma, where you have to collect your loot and parts to build weapons. You can only carry so much depending on the size of your bag, and different supplies take up different amounts of space. This means you’re going to have to decide what you bring and leave behind.

But the thing that’s got me, and everyone else, interested in this game is the innovative and realistic weapon mechanics. You find parts around the map, which you can cobble together into Frankenstein guns. They also behave like real firearms; for instance you are more susceptible to jams if you are missing parts that leave the internals exposed. You only get this level of realism with Arma, but that game has such a steep learning curve it is inaccessible to most players, and it doesn’t give you the ability to build the guns yourself.

In summary, I am very excited for this game due to the level of realism it brings to the FPS genre in an era of space battles and horses being juggernauts. The only hold-back I see is that this is the first game by Battlestar Games, and we know how indie developers sometimes don’t live up to the hype – No Man’s Sky by Hello Games. There is already a lot of gameplay out there however, and the closed alpha looks extremely promising, but only time will tell.

Is Escape from Tarkov the next big thing?

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