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HMD Games: Growing the UK eSports Scene

With a budding eSports scene, HMD Games aims to bring competitve gaming to the UK grassroots level.

HMD Games provides in-house and online eSports events and experiences for a variety of games. They work together with other businesses and people to bring the UK eSports scene to the masses. To do this, HMD host tournaments and events for games and reach out to include participants from all over the UK.

Just the Beginning

So far, they have held two League of Legends events at Manchester Metropolitan University. The first was only restricted to MMU students, but the second was open to all students above the age of 18. Both were very successful in terms of turnout and gameplay. 40 people turned up to their first ever event and 50 attended the second. Since the second event was not restricted to only MMU students, they had participants travel from different cities across the UK just to come and have a friendly tournament among other League of Legends players. Although they did not have any sponsors for the second event, a big number of people still showed up. Many students who attended the first event also came to the second showing that they’re building a committed fan base.

One group in particular, Doodle Squad, was the winner of the first event and fought their way through the second event to the finals. HMD are already planning more LAN events to be held in the near future, and maybe try out different games such as CSGO and Overwatch, or console games like Call of Duty. 


Future Online Events

For online events, HMD are working with the H1Z1 scrimming community to bring competitive play to Europe, a movement that is already quite big in the US. Whilst doing this, they are also creating a variety of online tournaments.

Currently, they have League of Legends online tournaments planned to start on March 10th, and this tournament will take place on Friday and Saturday every weekend until the finals which will be on April 2nd at 8pm GMT. It will be streamed live at: https://www.twitch.tv/thehmdgames. Follow HMD to be notified when the streams start.

The structure of the tournament includes a single elimination ‘best of one’ group stage, followed by a double elimination ‘best of three’ tournament stage. HMD have created this as two tournaments, a High ELO and a Low ELO event. Feel free to sign up at the following event pages:



How to Get in Touch

If you have any questions concerning the online tournaments, upcoming events or anything in general, feel free to contact HMD through email at: [email protected] or through any of the following links:    




HMD and RealSport are really excited to push eSports to the next level in and around the UK, so we hope to see you all in game!

HMD Games: Growing the UK eSports Scene

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