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Hearthstone: Understanding Class Match Ups

Know How Your Class Stacks Up!

Hearthstone: Understanding Class Match Ups

As discussed in a previous article, Hearthstone offers 9 distinct classes. If you want to see success in Ranked Mode you will need to understand how your class, or classes, of choice match up against your opponents. However, countering a class in Hearthstone is not the way it works in most games. There are no existing direct or hard counters. To be very vague about it: it depends.

Specialty Classes

Every class can be subdivided into specialty classes that are constructed by placing a focus on a specific card effect or a specific set of cards in the class. For instance several classes such as Warlock, Paladin, and Hunter can be made into mid range decks that balance aggro and control to obtain the victory during the mid game; this is done with a specific construction from the neutral collection. Similarly, a Mage deck can be made into a freeze deck that utilizes cards specifically in the mage set to exploit cards with the freeze effect. Understanding each specific deck and how it fares against another specific deck is far beyond the scope of this article as there are minute and extensive differences in various match ups. For a more in depth look at the specifics check out this chart produced by Team Liquid to help players ball park the strengths and weaknesses of each deck.

Understanding Your Deck

The important thing here is to understand that Hearthstone has plenty of depth so that it is not dominated by a single deck structure. To increase success, it is essential that you have a few strong decks to rotate when playing. Match ups do matter; but they cannot be entirely controlled due to the RNG nature of the game. Do yourself a favor, and do not succumb to tunnel vision on a single deck. Variety is helpful in the matter. Just make sure to understand each deck that you are playing. Go research a few decks and test them out as you begin making your deck selection. Then come back here to RealSport to learn more about how to get the most from the Hearth.

Hearthstone: Understanding Class Match Ups

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