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Hearthstone Guide : How to Get Starting Gold

How to Farm Gold Fast to make it to the top.

Hearthstone Guide : How to Get Starting Gold

As you embark on your Hearthstone journey you’ll learn that in order to grow your strategy and hero pool you’ll need to expand your collection; and to do this you’ll need gold in order to buy packs. So as a new user there are several ways to farm gold quickly without making a real life purchase. This is done by completing as many achievements as possibly available to new players. Start by unlocking every hero. Before you start facing other players and climbing the ranks in Play mode, you’ll want to hit Solo Adventures’ Practice mode to start claiming your starting gold.

First Pack of Cards

After beating every hero on Normal difficulty you’ll not only be able to play as each one, but you’ll also have earned 100 gold. This is enough to purchase your first pack of cards. To earn another 100 gold head back into Practice mode, place the difficulty on expert, then rinse and repeat. It will be a bit tougher than your previous round, but once you’ve completed this you’ll have another 100 gold in your hands. Tired of playing against AI? Find a friend to join Hearthstone and play with. This will earn each of you 80 gold. After these simple quests, the next method of earning gold in large sums becomes a steep task. You’ll need to elevate each of the Heroes to level 10, earning each card in the basic set, and once again giving you 100 gold. This can be done in play mode. Keep in mind that every 3 wins you earn with the same Hero in play mode will earn you 10 gold, so you’ll be earning this as you go. Again, this is a steep task, so don’t feel it is completely necessary to achieve this before playing ranked or heading into the arena.

How to Earn Steady Income

After you’ve exhausted your starting gold options the best way to get a steady income is by completing your daily quests. You’re given one each day and can hold up to 3 at a time. If at any time you’re unhappy with a quest or it seems too time consuming to complete, you can swap one out for a random new one each day. These quests often earn you income in quantities of 30, 40, and 50 gold. Complete these each day before grinding your way to the top and you’re sure to earn card packs at a steady rate. Gold is a rare commodity in Hearthstone so be sure to approach the concept in the most efficient way possible. Go earn your gold and come back soon to RealSport for your next step in Hearthstone dominance.

Hearthstone Guide : How to Get Starting Gold

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