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Hearthstone Guide: Captain Blackheart’s Treasure

Argh! This be a guide to Cap'n Blackheart's Treasure!

So this Tavern Bawl is entitled Captain Blackheart’s Treasure, the story (I know, I don’t care either) is – the Captain left treasure… blah.. blah. So basically it’s Arena but you don’t have your whole deck to construct, you just have to go with the flow.

So for those of you who don’t know what Arena is, at the start of each turn you get a choice of three cards, and your deck is made up entirely of Pirates (2 Mana – 2/3), so card draw isn’t as strong as it is in Arena.


How to play



So your first choice is which class, and as this is Arena you want to follow an Arena tier list, so here is my tier list:

  1. Rouge

  2. Mage

  3. Paladin

  4. Warlock

  5. Warrior

  6. Shaman

  7. Druid

  8. Priest

  9. Hunter


Now I could write a whole other article on why this is my list, and maybe I will, but for now just trust me. Although Rouge is number one, if you’re new to the game I’d probably go for Paladin or Mage, because they’re pretty much as strong, but require far less thinking in my opinion. You’re going to come up against a lot of Mages, that’s because the Mage is usually over-powered in Tavern Brawls so people just go straight for her. So a few pointers when playing against Mage, watch out for turn seven (Flamestrike – deal four damage to all enemy minions), as this will certainly wipe out all your Pirates. Next watch out for your health, because they have some burst, and finally, when playing Sorcerer’s Apprentice or Mana Wyrm, do everything in your power to kill it otherwise you’ll lose all the tempo.


Picking your cards

So obviously there isn’t a system where I can rate them all (well I could but it would take me far too long), so I’m going to speak quiet generally about this. There are four things you need to think about when picking your card. Firstly is rating, how good is the card? Now you can look up card tier lists for this, so if you can really be bothered then go do that, if not just look at which one you think is the best (don’t pick yet). Next thing you need to think about is curve (playing around how many crystals you have), so on turn three it would be nice to play something other than a Pirate so I’d be looking for a three Mana minion.

Next up is synergy, what do you have on the field? What do you have in your hand? Could one of those cards and the possible three you have to chose form work in a way that would benefit you? So a good combo for example would be Stand Against Darkness and Steward of Darkshire (you get 5 1/1’s with divine shield), you get the idea, right?

So finally; what do you need in your current position? So, you’ve got the board, and it’s turn five, what do you need? A five Mana minion, it’s turn seven and the enemy has a board of four health minions, what do you need? You better pray you’re getting that Flamestrike. As a general rule of thumb, I’d say you’re always looking for a way to have board control, so if you’re in the lead, push for the advantage and try to keep a strong board. If you’re behind, you’re looking for a card to turn the tables, which is usually a decent board clear.


So as a summary (I know you didn’t read the whole thing and are expecting me to condense it down into a sentence), play Paladin or Mage, everyone’s playing it for a reason. When picking your cards look at curve, power, synergy, and contemporary effectiveness. Finally, don’t get annoyed when your opponent gets top tier cards, and all you get are Tinyfins, this is a game of skill, and you are just getting out skilled.


Stay Salty.

Hearthstone Guide: Captain Blackheart’s Treasure

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