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HCS Pro League Fall Season preview (EU)

After being delayed by persistent internet issues, the European Fall Season will kick off on Wednesday.

After the Halo Championship Series Pro League started with a bang in North America, the European Pro league is only gearing up. After having a tactical pause due to some internet issues, the Pro league will resume next Wednesday after an eventful offseason.



Roster: Mose, Respectful, TuFoxy, Jimbo.

Previous Season Record: 10 – 0

The reigning EU god-squad has yet to lose in scrims, pro leagues season one, and on LAN at the finals. Most interestingly, FABe decided to drop Kimbo in favor of the Ground Pound King Jimbo during the offseason, leading to a flurry of other roster moves. FABe has yet to show weaknesses and until other squads can show that they can take matches off of them, they look to be the favorite to taking down a North American team at Worlds.

Prediction: Led by the current top-four players in the EU, FABe should breeze through Pro League but might face some challenges on LAN.


Team Infused

Roster: Batchford, Phlux, Kimbo, Havoc.

Previous Season Record: 6 – 4

Previously led by team captain WarLord, Team Infused made a great run to claim second in the regular season, but disappointed on LAN. While Ryan ‘Batchford’ Batchelor dominated at Season Finals, the team’s lack of previous LAN experience showed in matches against Vibe and X-Men. Team Infused were able to benefit from the roster-mania by picking up EU season one champ Kimbo, and rising talent Havoc in favor of dropping Doodle and WarLord.

Prediction: Team Infused has built a strong roster with a mix of experienced and talented players. I still think FABe will dominate during Pro League, but look for Infused to make an extended run on LAN.



Roster: Chalkie, Lunny, Ramirez, Anima.

Previous Season Record: 5 – 5

Previously headlined by Jimbo and Snipedrone, X-Men have taken a noticeable hit in star power. X-Men were the only team to give FABe a challenge at the Finals, but with a much stronger roster. Currently the only team without an org, X-Men still feature a good squad with talent, but no standout players. Recently, the team’s scrimmage performance has been lackluster with recent blowouts to Pulse and Vibe.

Predictions: I do not see this team making it to LAN. Even with Jimbo and Snipedrone, X-Men went 5 – 5 last season. Look for X-Men to scout out younger talent at the roster change period.


Team Vibe

Roster: SeptiQ, Snipedrone, Qristola, Snakey.

Previous Season Record: 4 – 6

Vibe is my most improved team after roster changes. After making a run at the end of the season to snag the fourth seed to qualify for the finals, Vibe performed admiraly on LAN with SeptiQ and Snakey as standouts. After finals, Vibe was able to grab the veteran Snipedrone and red-hot Qristola to build an extremely talented roster for pro league and hopefully Worlds.

Predictions: If Infused underperforms this season, I can see Team Vibe taking the number two spot. I would love to see this roster stick together for Worlds or future events because I really love the talent on this roster.


Prophecy (Dinosaurs)

Roster: Flamez, Buk 20, Buk 57, VexZeus.

Previous Season Record: 3 – 7

While Team Dinosaurs maybe extinct, the Buks are not. After fighting some strong teams in relegation, the Dinosaurs were able to survive for the fall season and acquire an organization. Prophecy is headlined by the Buk brothers who previously teamed with Jimbo and Snipedrone at Worlds, placing in the top-eight. Complimenting the Buks is former teammate Flamez and Open Circuit talent VexZeus.

Predictions: This team could be a dark horse or it could go extinct. I foresee Prophecy not being relegated and possibly placing fourth.


PuLse Gaming

Roster: Fragxr, Punishr, Cxlii, SLG.

Previous Season Record: 2 – 8

Never count the French out. At relegation, PuLse absolutely killed it showing a red hot roster that is not to be trifled with. After being an embarasement in the first half of Pro League, PuLse was able to turn it around in the second half, which included taking FABe to a Game 5. The team has shown a high skill ceiling, but whether they can translate it to a finals appearance is hard to foretell.

Ezekiel Carsella

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HCS Pro League Fall Season preview (EU)

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