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Football Manager 2017: Best Ways to Cheat on FM17

Do you want extra money, an invincible season and trophies galore? Look no further than our guide on how to cheat on Football Manager 2017!

Cheating is an aspect of gaming that divides many players. For me, it ruins the authenticity of the game, especially a fully immersive game such as Football Manager 2017 where Sports Interactive, the developers, endeavour to make it as akin to reality as possible. However, if you the use of cheats makes the game a more enjoyable experience then each to their own.

On that note, there are some shortcuts you can employ on FM 17 to make your game that little bit easier, whether it’s winning every match or having a near unlimited transfer budget, so we’ve compiled a guide to help you cheat your way to managerial glory.

Saving before matches

This is an old classic of Football Manager games, and the simplest and most expeditious way of cheating, that enables you to win every match you play, even going entire seasons unbeaten and winning quintuple after quintuple.

All you have to do is save your game prior to each match you play or holiday. It protects you against drawing or losing. If a draw or loss is the outcome, all you need to do is quit the game to the start screen, reload your save prior to the match you just played and go at it again. This method doesn’t guarantee victories, but if you play the same match consistently enough, you’ll win one attempt.

Stealing money from other clubs

I know what I said at the beginning of this guide, but I’ve been guilty of this crime on previous games and, quite frankly, it has to be done in certain situations. You might be one signing away from winning the league and the board are very reluctant to part with any more money. This method allows you to be successful immediately, rather than having to wait until your financial situation improves. It’s also particularly useful if you’re managing a small club and you want to sign the very best.

STEP 1: Add New Manager

All you need to do is click on the ‘FM’ logo in the top right corner and click ‘add new manager’ and fill in all the new manager details (it doesn’t matter what you enter). Ideally pick a club like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester City or Manchester United. Essentially, a rich club as you’re going to be transferring their entire transfer budget to your club. We’ve chosen Tottenham as they actually have the largest transfer budget in the Premier League.


STEP 2: Sign Reserve Player

Then, find a player from your first club, ideally a reserve player or one that you won’t miss once they’ve left. Now, bid for this player from your second (rich) club using all possible money available. Even ask the board for some extra cash.


Step 3: Retire and Enjoy

Finally, accept the bid for the player, negotiate the contract from club two and then resign from club two and retire altogether, leaving them in complete financial disarray. To do this go to Home–>My Profile–>Retire.


Use the in-game editor

This is undoubtedly the best and most effective tool available for cheating purposes. You can basically do anything you want with the FM17 editor tool, from transferring Lionel Messi to your favourite club, creating a monstrous player with out of this world talent or building a new stadium named after you.

To install the ‘pre-game editor,’ go to Steam, click library–>games–>tools and scroll until you find ‘Football Manager 2017 Editor.’ Right click on this and select ‘install game.’ Once it’s finished installing all you have to do is click ‘play game.’

The ‘in-game editor,’ however, you will have to pay for. Load up the FM17 home screen and click on ‘downloads.’ Click ‘buy now’ and part with £3.99 to be able to edit to your heart’s content.


When you start a new save, make sure you un-tick ‘prevent use of in-game editor’ to enable the editorial function. With this tool, you can edit club details, player details, transfer players around and change bans and injuries! And that’s it! 

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Football Manager 2017: Best Ways to Cheat on FM17

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