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FM 17: Top Ten Best Young Right Backs

We take a look at the best young wonderkid right backs available in Football Manager 2017.

Hector Bellerin has just signed a new 6 and a half year contract with Arsenal and the 21 year old Spaniard is the epitome of a wonderkid at right back. He is one of the most shrewd purchases of Arsene Wenger’s career and the player that all wonderkid right backs should be measured against. With this in mind, here is RealSport’s list of top 10 young right backs.

We’ve included all the important stats which include current ability (CA), potential ability (PA), value and the wages per week.


Copy of Angelo_Fulgini.png

French born Fulgini is first on our list and is one of the more versatile young defenders as he can be deployed in up to 6 positions across the pitch. His base attributes of positioning (11), marking (12) and tackling (13) are comparable to most Premier League right backs playing in bottom half teams and he will probably take 5 – 6 years to develop to his full potential due to his low determination (10). His natural fitness (15), pace (14), dribbling (13) and crossing (12) will allow him to get forward fast on the counter attack and it’s best to send him out on loan for a couple of seasons to a attacked minded Sky Bet Championship team.


Copy of Benjamin_Herichs.png

19 year old, Henrichs may be overlooked by many defensive scouts as his base attributes of positioning (9), marking (10) and tackling (12) are nothing to write home about. There is a lot more to the young Germans game however and considering the range of skills that he is proficient in he can be deployed in up to 11 positions across the pitch. His workrate (14), determination (14) and potential ability (4.5) is very high and will allow him to develop quickly, especially under the mentorship of a senior right back. His technique (15), passing (14), composure (15) and dribbling (12) allows him to dictate the tempo of a match from the back. He is a the ultimate wonderkid rwb and is a must buy for any manager building for the future.


Copy of Borja_San_Emeterio.png

The 19 year old Spaniard has strong base attributes of positioning (12), marking (12) and tackling (14). He gets forward whenever possible using his pace (14), work rate (15) and stamina (14) to push play forward and uses his crossing (12) to great effect. He’s best suited in a team from the bottom half of the table that often lies deep and hit opponents on the counter attack, a perfect example would be Leicester.

CLAUD ADJAPONG, 18, RB, RWB, SASSUOLO (£425K; £2.4K P/W; CA 2.5; PA 4)

Copy of Claud_Adjapong.png

The young Italian still has a lot of room for improvement before reaching his potential ability (4). He has a good foundation to build upon with his positioning (12), marking (11) and tackling (12) attributes. His corners (12), crossing (13) and technique (13) shows the start of a dead ball specialist and particular attention should be given to these areas during his development. He is a solid right back that won’t leave you exposed at the back. He should be loaned out to a Sky Bet Championship team in the top half of the table where he should start every match.

DAVID CARMONA, 19, RB, RWB, RM, RAM, SEVILLA (£850K; £6.75K P/W; CA 3.5; PA 4.5)

Copy of David_Carmona.png

The young Spaniard has base attributes of positioning (10), marking (11) and tackling (11), which are below par for most 2nd tier teams. However, he is only 19 years old and his potential ability (4.5) allows him to develop to a top class player within 4 years. His acceleration (14), pace (12) and stamina (14) allows him to counter-attack with ease. He will be perfectly suited for team like Chelsea in a similar role to Victor Moses.

DAVIDE VITTURINI, 19, RB, RWB, CB, PESCARA (£1M; £3.1K; CA 2.5 – PA 4.5)

Copy of Davide_Vitturini.png

The Italian wonderkid has base attributes of positioning (15), marking (15) and tackling (11) is comparable to most right backs in the bottom half of the premier league. He has a great potential ability (4.5) and his determination (13) is high allowing him to challenge for a starting place in a top 4 club within 3 years. His bravery (14), aggression (13) and strength (14) combine to make him a tough, hard hitting right back that will fit in perfectly with a defensive minded teams.

GIUSEPPE SCALERA, 18, RB, RWB, BARI (£185K; £1.5K; CA 1.5 – PA 3.5)

Copy of Giuseppe_Scalera.png

The spirited young Italian has decent base attributes of positioning (13), marking (11) and tackling (11) that can be greatly developed when his determination (15) is taken into consideration. He uses his acceleration (13), pace (13) and stamina (12) to great effect as he gets forward whenever possible and looks to use his crossing (12) to set up teammates in the box. He is a solid defender and a threat going forward, perfect for a side like Leicester who sits deep and then counter attacks.


Copy of Lorenzo_Dickmann.png

The 20 year old is our fourth and final Italian on this list and he is an eye watering prospect with a potential ability (4) to rival most world class rb’s. His base attributes of positioning (12), marking (12) and tackling (12) form a solid foundation to build on. His acceleration (14), pace (12), crossing (13), dribbling (11)  and natural fitness (13) allows him to be a true modern day wing back that is equally comfortable at rb and rw. He is best suited to a fluid attacking team like Liverpool.

PEDRO PEREIRA, RB, LB, SAMPDORIA (£2.8M; £15.25K P/W; CA 3.5 – PA 5)

Copy of Pedro_Pereira.png

The young Portuguese defender is a rare find with the maximum potential ability (5). His base attributes of positioning (12), marking (13) and tackling (12) can be vastly improved by the time he turns 20 when taking into account his determination (16) and work rate (14). His acceleration (14), pace (14) and stamina (16) is comparable to Bellerin at his age and he betters the Spaniard in crossing (14). He will be well suited to any team that tend to launch attacks from wide with a big target man in the middle, not unlike Arsenal when they play Giroud or Crystal Palace with Benteke.



The highly rated German is one of the more expensive players on this list. But don’t let this deter you as his base attributes of positioning (12), marking (14) and tackling (14) are very strong. His pace (18) is the highest attribute score of any wonderkid and he can already outpace more than 90% of the players in FM 17. His bravery (16), anticipation (14), jumping reach (15), balance (15) and anticipation (14) make him an all round defender that can read most situations and also have the skills to react fast. He tends to stay back in defence and will be best suited to a team that plays with three at the back like Chelsea.

This list was extensively scouted, but as you know, one of the joys of FM17 is discovering new talent and feel free to share your best young defenders with us in the comments below.

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FM 17: Top Ten Best Young Right Backs

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