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FM 15 Wonderkids: 11 Best Signings On FM15

In celebration of the release of the new game, we decided to give you our best eleven wonderkid signings to make on FM15.

Football Manager 2016 is set to be released on November 13th, which means there’s just over a month left to continue playing FM15.

In celebration of the release of the new game, we decided to give you RealSport101’s best eleven signings to make on FM15, with a good subs bench too!

The formation of choice for this XI is the ‘4-2-4 wide’.


Name: Gerónimo Rulli

Club: Real Sociedad

Age: 22

Value: £2.3 million

Gerónimo Rulli fm15


Why Sign Him?

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to sign Rulli for free in the first January transfer window of FM15, then you’ve really lived! Rulli grows into Argentina’s number 1, a solid keeper with great stats which include one on ones (18), reflexes (18) and anticipation (16) and natural fitness (17). He’s a complete bargain at only £2.3m.


Name: Matteo Darmian

Club: Torino

Age: 24

Value: £4.8 million


Matteo Darmian fm15

Why Sign Him?

R.I.P to this bargain; you’ll probably never be able to get him for cheap now Manchester United have signed him. Darmian is arguably one of the best right-backs available on Football Manager 2015. He has great ability on the ball and great attributes: tackling (17), natural fitness (17), work rate (15) and stamina (15).


Name: Eder Alvarez Balanta

Club: River Plate

Age: 21

Value: £2.3 million

Eder Alvarez Balanta fm15

Why Sign Him?

Balanta grows into one of the best centre-backs in the game, and you can afford him with almost any Premier League side. The Colombian has great defensive qualities which include, marking (17), aggression (16), determination (17) and strength (16). Trust me, given how good he becomes, you’re basically committing robbery by signing him so cheap from the start!


Name: Jesus Vallejo

Club: Real Zaragoza

Age: 17

Value: £300K


Why Sign Him?

Like Darmian, you won’t be finding this bargain in FM15 after he was signed by Real Madrid during the summer. At the start of the game, you could activate Vallejo’s release clause for just £1.1m. He’s young and easily one of the best bargains around with strong attributes which include, determination (15), anticipation (15), decisions (14) and positioning (14).


Name: Ricardo Rodriguez

Club: VfL Wolfsburg

Age: 21

Value: £7.25 million


Why Sign Him?

Rodriguez is probably the best left-back you can sign at the start of FM15. He regularly ends up in the team of the year, as long as you’re not a terrible manager. Who needs Patrice Evra when Rodriguez is so strong at crossing (16), long throws(15), tackling (15) and balance (16).

Right Wing

Name: Pione Sisto

Club: FC Midtjylland

Age: 19

Value: £5 million


Why Sign Him?

Sisto gives you everything you need from a right winger – pace (15), technique (15), natural fitness (17) and the acceleration (17) to beat a man 1v1. What’s more, he’s young, cheap and grows into an absolute beast within a few years.

Centre Midfield

Name: Lucas Romero

Club: Velez

Age: 20

Value: £2.6 million


Why Sign Him?

Romero grows into one of the best defensive midfielders in the game. He’s best utilised as a CDM, but if you play him in CM, his attacking ability comes to fore. Romero has great defensive stats (tackling (13), bravery (15), work rate (15) and natural fitness (16)), but also is unusually gifted going forward with great passing (15) ability given his role. A must-buy!

Centre Midfield

Name: Youri Tielemans

Club: Anderlecht

Age: 17

Value: £1.3 million


Why Sign Him?

Tielemans becomes the one of the best centre-mids in the game; he scores goals, has decent free-kicks (13), decent dribbling (14), vision (14), corners (14), pace (15), passing (15) and technique (15). What a player. He may need one season to adapt, but after that, he’s nothing short of excellent and will be an asset to the team.

Left Wing

Name: Memphis Depay

Club: PSV

Age: 20

Value: £6.75 million


Why Sign Him?

Memphis, like Darmian and Vallejo, will be a lot harder to purchase on the new FM16 but what a signing he was. He was the top scorer in the league when I had him, and probably the most productive player on this entire list. His ability with the ball is outstanding with an excellent first touch (16), techiquie (16), flair (17) and long range shots (16).


Name: Richairo Zivkovic

Club: Ajax

Age: 17

Value: £2.7 million


Why Sign Him?

You usually have to wait 6 months to sign him – given that he would have only recently signed for Ajax when your game starts – unless you wish to spend double the recommended price on him.

When you do manage to get him, give him a run in the side, and he won’t disappoint with his pace (17), acceleration (16), finishing (14) and flair (15). Zivkovic turns into one of the most prolific goalscorers in the game, and he’ll be your go to striker for the next 10 seasons.


Name: Gabriel Barbosa

Club: Santos

Age: 17

Value: £4.4 million


Why Sign Him?

if you can look past his greedy agent, who owns 40% of the player, he’s basically the next Neymar. He has some great attacking abilities from passing (15), first touch (15), technique (16) and agility (15). Snap him up early and you won’t be disappointed!

Team Line Up and Formation

Here’s how the team would line up using the ‘4-2-4 wide’ formation for this XI.



1. Winston Reid
Club: West Ham
Age: 26
Value: £575K

Reid’s contract expires soon on FM15, and he never usually renews it. If you wait until January, you can sign him for around £2-4m. A great signing for medium-sized clubs needing a cheap top quality centre-back.

In real life, Reid has now renewed his contract, so, say farewell to this bargain buy in FM16.

2. Itumeleng Khune
Club: Kaizer Chiefs
Age: 27
Value: £575K

At 27 years old, Khune is getting on a bit but he’s an excellent squad member. He can be signed for under a £1m, and like Reid, is another great bargain for lesser sides.

3. Alex Sandro
Club: Porto
Age: 23
Value: 4.76m

Sandro can be expensive, but if you miss out on Rodriguez, definitely snap him up and enjoy it because he’s now playing for Juventus and is unlikely to be available for transfer anytime soon in FM16.

4. Dele Alli
Club: Tottenham
Age: 18
Value: £5m
He makes the bench purely because he’s a quality player to sign on loan if you’re one of the smaller teams. Now in the England squad, his days of being loaned out to Championship sides are over, but it was fun while it lasted!

5. Ruben Neves
Club: Porto
Age: 17
Value: £575K

Neves is young and a very talented CDM – if you can afford to sign him. He’s a worthy addition to the squad and he’ll protect the back four.

6. Wellington Nem
Club: Shakhtar Donetsk
Age: 22
Value: £8m

One of the more obvious FM bargains, but for around £12-14m, he gives you bang for your buck.

7. Luka Jovic
Club: Red Star
Value: £275K
Age: 16

You can sign him for as little as £700k, and although he can’t play until January 2016, it’s one of those spend-and-stash investments that doesn’t disappoint.  

FM 15 Wonderkids: 11 Best Signings On FM15

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