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FIFA 17: FUT Player of the month predictions – Let the Son Shine!

With Lukaku scoring 4 times in March including an equally impressive 2 assists he earned himself a much coveted 90 rated player of the month card. But as March has long come to a close we say goodbye to our beloved Belgian Lukaku and look forward to welcoming the next premier league beast to quench our SBC thirsts.  So forget Spandau Ballet, were going purple, not gold as it's that time of the season again, player of the month predictions ahead!  

Heung-Min Son (A.K.A Sonaldo) – Tottenham Hotspur

He hasn’t adopted Ronaldo’s name for no reason, and this is more than apparent in Sons many iterations of ultimate team upgrades thus far. Having started out as a respectable 78 rated card, Son soon received a generous inform of 83 in only the second week of Ultimate Team. A well-deserved player of the month card rated at 84 overall soon followed. His next two iterations would come to haunt my nightmares every time I come up against a stacked BPL team.

His 86 and 87 rated, orange, striker position change, man of the match cards. Most recently awarded for his hat-trick and assist against Millwall in the FA Cup.

These Fanta Sonaldo cards are literally game breaking. With the 87 card boasting 91 pace, 91 shooting, 89 dribbling and 84 passing. Slapping a Hawk chemistry style on this bad boy will take his acceleration to 99, long shots to 99 and shot power to 99! (face slowly melts at the immediate sweat). Putting him at CAM or ST will see your opponents net bulge more times than my crotch did the first time I realised you could alter parental controls on the internet.

So why do I think Son deserves another man of the match card? Well, readers, the stats don’t lie. Having lost their top goal scorer Harry Kane to injury Spurs have employed Son at striker to lessen the burden. In his first 3 games of April, Son has not disappointed. He has bagged goals against Burnley and Swansea, also delivering an incredible man of the match performance against Watford hauling a brace and an assist. It looks as if Son is almost sure to eclipse Lukaku’s haul from last month and were only half way through April!

It’s important to bear in mind that Son has also just been awarded an improved 88 overall inform in team of the week 30. Including his upgrade to 4-star skill moves, I am salivating all the more knowing that I might be scoop turning and long shooting my way through the weekend league for the foreseeable future with his player of the month card!

The shortlist

Wilfried Zaha- Crystal Palace

Zaha has really found his stride this season shaking off his turbulent past at United. Crystal Palace may be fighting a relegation battle, but it’s Zaha’s heroics that saw them beat Chelsea 2-1 at Stamford Bridge, and smash Arsenal 3-0 at home. A goal and 3 assists in April thus far, very dangerous indeed. I would certainly not turn my nose down to an upgrade of his already sweaty 83 rated inform.

Josh King – Bournemouth

King has been instrumental in a resurgent Bournemouth side. Sitting pretty as the club’s top scorer with 13 goals, he has already bagged two this month one of which was against league leaders Chelsea. He certainly has the potential to push for a gold upgrade this month.

Dele Alli – Tottenham Hotspur

It looks like second season syndrome has been well and truly immunised. Dele is continuing his fine form this season with another stellar start to the month. Seeming to have better controlled his aggression and playing free-flowing football in a scorching Spurs side, it’s only a matter of time before EA award Dele with another upgrade. 2 assists and 2 goals from midfield are certainly not harming his chances. Not to worry if he misses out on player of the month though, as I bet my reproductive organs on the fact that he will have an excellent Team of the season card on the way soon.

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FIFA 17: FUT Player of the month predictions – Let the Son Shine!

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