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FIFA 17 Career Mode Cheats

Want to give your side an extra edge in Career Mode? RealSport has you covered with some cheats and tricks.

Career Mode is amongst the most popular FIFA game mode year-on-year. But how can give your club that extra edge by pushing boundaries and finding loopholes? Whether it is cash you are after or increasing the potential of your players, RealSport has found some ways to put your club above the rest.

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Keeping hold of your hard-earned cash at the end of the season

We’ve all been there. You’ve lifted the Premier League, Champions League and the FA Cup, and you’ve got £120 million in the transfer budget. You’re excited about another season with the funds to create an amazing squad. You advance to the next season… transfer budget £80 million? It’s so frustrating when you feel your efforts haven’t been rewarded financially, so you need to use all your winnings before the season finishes. Many will use this to set up scout networks and give players new contracts, but there is a method where you can get your cash back next season.

First, go to your budget allocation and stack the budget heavily in favour of your wages. I’m talking a 90-10 split between budget and transfers. Next up, head over to your player contract, and identify the players you will want to sell at the beginning of next season. Some examples would be Mohamed Elneny at Arsenal, John Obi Mikel at Chelsea and Lucas Silva at Real Madrid. Offer those type of players new contracts, but give them incredibly high wages, up to £1 million a week. So, as the next season starts, look for young players with strong potentials of a similar value, Arsenal’s Gedion Zelalem or Fede of Sevilla Atletico will do nicely. When you go to purchase, offer for slightly less than what they are worth, but add your player with the ridiculous wages as part of the deal. When it goes through, you get that money back, and you can transfer it back onto your transfer budget, The more players you do this with, the more money you get back. Check out the video below.

Achieve shirt sales targets easily

It’s a great new feature having the brand exposure objectives in Career Mode, with one of the targets selling a certain amount of shirts. Bringing in big names, winning regularly and lifting trophies is the usual way to go about it, but we’ve found a little trick that you can use once or twice a season. Head over to ‘Finances’ and then ‘Transactions’ and then take a look at your shirt sales. Take note of the three players who sell the most shirts, then head over to kit numbers and change the ones of the players you took note of. Your task in the next match is to at least win, but if you score with one or more of those players your shirt sales for that week will dramatically increase. If you are struggling in the shirt sales department, this could help.

Increase or jumpstart player potentials

Have you got loads of young players that are still some way off the first team? Your initial thought will be to send them out on loan for the season, which isn’t entirely wrong, but there is a more effective method. Take any young player with a potential at least in the late 70s and send them out on loan. Quickly save your career mode, then recall that player immediately. Most of the time the player’s potential will have increased, and this can be identified by their ‘status’ in the squad report. If they have a potential of 80-85, it will say ‘showing great potential’, 86-88 ‘exciting prospect’ and 89-95 ‘potential to be special’. Any potential lower than 80 and they will be no remark on potential.

So, if a player jumps from nothing to ‘showing great potential’ or ‘exciting prospect’ to ‘potential to be special’ upon being recalled, you will know that their potential will have increased. However, the opposite can happen, so it is vital you save your game before recalling in order to go back in case this happens. A player’s value will almost always increase as well, with overall able to immediately improve. Identity player potentials at sofifa.com.

Use the EA Sports catalogue

It’s by no means cheating, but it is so easy to forget that the EA Sports Catalogue is there. Having the ‘Career Rematch’ ability is absolutely key if you are playing vital matches, and there are other items that allow you to scout future stars and double the growth in training sessions. If you are at a smaller club, you will want the financial takeover item, which will inject a barrel-load of money into your club. Finally, you can redeem items that offer you an international management role and even the ability to edit the appearance of your players. As you go through the levels in the EA Sports Football Club, more items will become available in the catalogue, so be sure to check back every time you level up.

Know any other Fifa 17 cheats? Let us know in the comments.

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FIFA 17 Career Mode Cheats

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