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FIFA 16 Ratings: Analysis of The Latest Ratings

FIFA16 has finally been released. We now know the 50 highest ranked players and as seems to be the norm every year, some of the player ratings aren’t entirely accurate to say the least.

Gareth Bale has been rated as the 23rd best player in the world, Ozil is deemed better than Sanchez, there is no Manchester United player ranked within the top 20 and to top it off, Daniel Sturridge and Coutinho aren’t even considered amongst the 50 best players in the world.

The task handed to the decision-makers behind the ratings on FIFA is a monumental one – they can’t always get it right. So before we dissect the latest rankings, it has to be acknowledged that it’s not possible for the FIFA game-makers to produce ratings for over 16,000 players, without inevitably making errors. However, as a result, every year, we see some baffling ratings ranging from the completely overrated (Robin van Persie – 88 rating in FIFA 15) to the severely underrated (Kurt Zouma – 75 rating in FIFA 15). It’s also worth noting that this isn’t 2006.

Pro Evolution Soccer 6 was arguably the last game which truly rivalled anything EA Sports offered. In those years since, FIFA has amassed an insurmountable stranglehold on football gaming. The Pro Evo days of Roberto Larcos (Roberto Carlos) and Greggs (Giggs) seem well and truly buried, and as a result, we will all continue to buy FIFA by the millions, regardless of the dodgy ratings. But that doesn’t mean we can be tricked with whatever lazy rating the executives at FIFA so desire. If nothing else, the players deserve an honest representation of their talents. So then, the moment you’ve been waiting for, let’s take a look at the overrated, underrated and the top-50 player rankings on FIFA 16!


Mesut Ozil – 87 (FIFA 15 Rating – 86): Since Arsenal shelled out over £40 million for the German enigma, he has looked anything but a player worthy of that fee – even in today’s market. His rating should still be high, I’d say no lower than 85, but a +1 jump from last year is somewhat baffling. Does Ozil deserve a higher ranking than Sanchez (86)? Is Ozil a better player than Yaya Toure (85) and Santi Cazorla (85)? I think not.

Cesc Fabregas – 87 (FIFA 15 Rating – 86): As a Chelsea fan, even I can admit that while Fabregas had an excellent first half of the 2014/15 season, he dipped off majorly in the second half. In my eyes, that means he should still be ranked as an ’86’ player. Chelsea’s title win surely prompted this advance, but judging on individual improvement, I would’ve kept Cesc at 86!


Yaya Toure – 85 (FIFA 15 Rating – 86): To make Toure an equal to Santi Cazorla is a crime in my opinion. I feel like Toure has never truly been fairly reflected by FIFA – he has never hit the 87 or 88 mark, and he definitely should have a few seasons back. A -1 drop is another slap in the face for the Ivorian, but with the form he is on at the moment, I wouldn’t be surprised to see that rating shoot back quickly.

Neymar – 88 (FIFA 15 Rating – 86): Is Neymar really only the 8th best player in the world? I can appreciate that in the interest of fairness, FIFA don’t want to make Barcelona unplayable – even if they are clearly the best team in the world – but to say Arjen Robben and even Eden Hazard are better than the Brazilian just isn’t true.

50Angel di MariaPSG85 (-1)
49Petr CechArsenal85
48Edinson CavaniPSG85 (-1)
47Vincent KompanyMan City85 (-1)
46David AlabaBayern Munich85 (+3)
45Diego GodinAtletico Madrid85 (+1)
44John TerryChelsea85 (+2)
43NaldoWolfsburg85 (+4)
42Yaya ToureMan City85 (-1)
41Santi CazorlaArsenal85 (+1)
40Gerard PiqueBarcelona85 (+1)
39Mats HummelsBorussia Dortmund86
38Bastian SchweinsteigerMan Utd86 (-2)
37Marco ReusBorussia Dortmund86
36Wayne RooneyMan Utd86
35Arturo VidalJuventus86 (+1)
34Thomas MullerBayern Munich86
33Karim BenzemaReal Madrid86
32Thibaut CourtoisChelsea86
31Paul PogbaJuventus86 (+2)
30Diego CostaChelsea86
29Sergio BusquetsBarcelona86 (+1)
28Kevin De BruyneMan City86 (+3)
27Carlos TevezJuventus86 (+1)
26David de GeaMan Utd86 (+1)
25Alexis SanchezArsenal86 (+1)
24Franck RiberyBayern Munich87 (-1)
23Gareth BaleReal Madrid87
22Robert LewandowskiBayern Munich87
21Giorgio ChielliniJuventus87 (+3)
20Philipp LahmBayern Munich87
19Luka ModricReal Madrid87
18Mesut OzilArsenal87 (+1)
17Sergio RamosReal Madrid87
16Cesc FabregasChelsea87 (+2)
15Jerome BoatengBayern Munich87 (+1)
14Toni KroosReal Madrid87 (+2)
13James RodriguezReal Madrid87 (+1)
12Sergio AgueroMan City87
11Andres IniestaBarcelona88 (-1)
10David SilvaMan City88 (+1)
9Thiago SilvaPSG88 (+1)
8NeymarBarcelona88 (+1)
7Zlatan IbrahimovicPSG89 (-1)
6Eden HazardChelsea89 (+1)
5Arjen RobbenBayern Munich90
4Manuel NeuerBayern Munich90
3Luis SuarezBarcelona90 (+1)
2Cristiano RonaldoReal Madrid93 (+1)
1Lionel MessiBarcelona94 (+1)

What do you think of the FIFA 16 rankings? Who’s the most underrated player on the game? Let me know in the comments below!

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FIFA 16 Ratings: Analysis of The Latest Ratings

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