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FIFA 17: Tottenham Hotspur ratings leaked?

Spurs had their FIFA 17 starting line-up ratings leaked yesterday. Take a look.

With the football season now up and running, the next instalment of EA Sports’ FIFA series is due to be released over the next couple of months. This week it emerged that several of the updated line-ups from FIFA 17 have been leaked on Twitter so we’re taking a look to see how the Tottenham squad fairs this time around. Here is an image of the leaked team.

The first observation is that, for the most part ,there have been no major improvements from FIFA 16. Hugo Lloris has earned a new rating 87, moving up two from 85, whilst Toby Alderweireld moves from 82 to 84. The only other change is that Eric Dier (I assume as his name is not readable) has moved up one from 76 to 77.

These minor changes mean that Lloris is still their best player but now centre-back Alderweireld is their best outfield player after a fantastic season. Eriksen on 83 and Kane on 82 are his closest rivals which does reflect reality, although you do have to question how these players, Dele Alli and Mousa Dembele have not improved after impressing last season.

None of the players have had their ratings reduced, which is fair given that every player in a Spurs shirt last season had a good season, but when you see the likes of Diego Costa on 86 you have to wonder how Harry Kane only has a total of 82. He was the league’s top scorer with 25 and the previous year he scored 24, only just finishing behind Sergio Aguero.

Dele Alli also had a breakthrough season and deserves to have this recognised. A fairer rating for him would be 79 whilst Mousa Dembele is one of the best in the league in his position, especially at holding onto the ball, but he is still rated at a measly 80. At least push him up to 82 as his all-round play is phenomenal. Equally, how Danny Rose hasn’t got himself into the 80s as he was one of the best left-backs in England last season is crazy.

It can be argued that as one of the youngest squads there is still time for them to grow, however it feels like EA have got it wrong and that based on the ratings, you wouldn’t know that this team pushed all the way for the title last year.

What do you think of Tottenham’s squad? Have EA nailed it or are they way off? Let us know in the comments!

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FIFA 17: Tottenham Hotspur ratings leaked?

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