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FIFA 17: Leicester City ratings leaked?

Leicester City had their starting line up's ratings leaked yesterday. Take a look.

The 2016/2017 Premier League season is underway and other leagues will be following suit very soon. That means it is almost time for the latest instalment of FIFA to be released. Inevitably, as it is just over a month until it is released, fans worldwide are calling for the ratings of their favourite players and teams to be revealed.

Yesterday, a select group of fans will have rejoiced as the ratings for 15 Manchester City players were revealed.


Looking at Leicester’s squad, you absolutely would not have guessed that they are coming off winning the Premier League. With that said, they have improved dramatically.

There entire starting eleven has improved has improved, dramatically in some cases. Schmeichel has gone up five overall to join the 80 club and he isn’t the only player to do so. Mahrez has, deservedly, jumped 10 overall to 83, Vardy has, also deservedly, jumped nine overall to 80 overall. Along with those three, Albrighton has jumped from 71 overall to 76, Drinkwater has gone from 72 to 78, Morgan has gone from 73 to 78 and Fuchs has gone from 74 to 76.

The loss of the now 81 overall N’Golo Kanté will be significant for this team, though, and Vardy and Drinkwater could definitely be a few overall higher.

Despite all of these players being on the rise, they aren’t exactly going to be fan favourite for FIFA players, but should they be? Nobody expects them to be able to repeat their success and their team isn’t full of superstars, so this seems like an accurate representation of their squad.

What do you think of Leicester City’s squad? Have EA nailed it or are they way off? Let us know in the comments!

Remy Cabache

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FIFA 17: Leicester City ratings leaked?

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