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FIFA 17: Barcelona ratings leaked?

Barcelona had their FIFA 17 starting line-up ratings leaked yesterday. Take a look.

Anticipation is rising for the release of EA Sports’ FIFA 17 which is due out at the end of September. Each year it’s not only exciting to see what improvement have been made on the previous version of the game as well as how the player’s stats and ratings have changed. This week, some of the top teams’ ratings have supposedly been leaked on Twitter and so here we take a look at Barcelona’s player ratings for FIFA 17, compared with how they fared this time last year.



The best attack just got better

At a glance, the most obvious thing to notice is their attack. Messi, Neymar and Suarez are all now rated 90 or above. In September 2015, Messi was also at 94 with Suarez on 90 as he is now but Neymar has been upgraded to 91, giving their strike-force an even more menacing look. In FIFA 16 they were unplayable in the hands of the right gamers, so to think that they will be even better this year sends chills down my spine. After the season this threesome had, it’s to be expected that there would be an increase, as they helped Barcelona retain the La Liga title, scoring more than 100 goals between them.


What other changes are there?

With Dani Alves moving to Juventus during the summer, the right-back who was rated at 84 has been replaced by 24 year-old Sergi Roberto who has a rating of 78, the same as at the start of last season. This is somewhat surprising as you’d expect a player who is coming in for a player as experienced as Alves would deserve an increase, unless EA felt he was overrated on FIFA 16 or that he has stagnated over the last year.

Both Javier Mascherano and Ivan Rakitic have grown their ratings by one, leaving them on 84 and 85 respectively. Both had good seasons but I’m not sure why EA felt the need to increase Mascherano’s rating as he was not a stand-out performer for me last season.

Even more surprising is that Andres Iniesta has been downgraded from 88 to 87 after putting in the same high-quality performances to which we have grown accustomed. It makes sense that ratings need to change each year but this seems like a mistake to me, based on the fact that Iniesta is now 32. Normally this would be the case but he is still as good as he was last season and if he looks after himself there is no reason why he can’t keep his performance level up. Age can be an issue but for the best it rarely is, as seen with Ryan Giggs and currently with Zlatan Ibrahimovic who has scored two in two for Manchester United despite being 34.

Lastly, goalkeeper Claudio Bravo – who is being courted by Manchester City – has also been upgraded to 84 from 83 as he is now the number one choice ahead of highly-rated youngster Marc Ter-Stegen.

With Barcelona being as good as they are, there was little room for improvement but with key players in every department getting upgrades, they will be a force to be reckoned with on FIFA 17 and a definite fan-favourite for the online game modes.  

What do you think of Barcelona’s squad? Have EA got it right or are they way off? Let us know in the comments!

Ariel Shapiro

Ariel loves everything about football and has been watching and going to matches since he could walk.

Having had coaching and training on a regular basis from age 6-11, Ariel didn't continue due to school pressures but his love for the game continues until today.

FIFA 17: Barcelona ratings leaked?

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