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FIFA 16 Arsenal: Complete Guide For Career Mode

FIFA 16 Arsenal – For those gamers that don’t like playing online, manager mode is their FIFA haven. A place where you can take apart any team you want, and completely construct a new one, however you please. Sometimes though, it helps to have a helping hand in explaining how to get the best use of different teams on Career Mode. So, RealSport have devised a team-by-team guide for anyone looking to start a manager mode on FIFA 16.

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General Tips

  • Always choose the ‘lenient option’ when selecting your ‘financial strictness’. This way you get 85% of the money that the board receives from outgoing transfers to spend on new players.

  • Use the new ‘Training‘ feature – even if you can’t be bothered to always carry out the drills, simulate at least 5 drills every week, it’s a useful way to develop and grow your players outside of matches.


  • Transfer budget – £50.5m
  • Wage budget – £210k

What the team needs

  • A centre midfielder

  • A striker

  • A better centre-half to play with Koscielny (sorry Mertesacker)

Who you should get rid of

A general rule here is to sell off players that are old (31+), as on FIFA, their ratings can deteriorate pretty fast, so it’s best to cash in on them while they’re still valuable.

Below is a list of Arsenal players you should get rid of along with the minimum value you should accept when you sell that player:

  • Per Mertesacker – £10  million
  • Mathieu Debuchy – £7 million
  • Tomas Rosicky – £5 million
  • Mikel Arteta – £6 million
  • Olivier Giroud – £16 million

Total Received = £44 million

New Budget = £95.5m

Who you should buy (with the smaller budget)

If you can, aim to sign younger players, as FIFA has this thing for making a majority of all decent young players develop pretty well, even if they don’t in real life. If you can’t sell the ‘deadweight’ players, the following are those you can sign within your original budget (£50.5m):

Youri Tielemans

Overall Rating: 77
Cost: £14m
Club: Anderlecht
Age: 19
Potential: 90
Position: CM

Is he worth it?

At only 19 years old, Tielemans grows into arguably one of the best centre midfielders in FIFA within just a few seasons. His ball control and reactions will be an asset to your team and he’ll form a great partnership with Koscielny – a must-buy for any team that can afford him.

Alternative option – Moussa Sissoko – £11m (Newcastle)

Vincent Aboubakar 

Overall Rating: 79
Cost: £19.5m
Club: Porto
Age: 23
Potential: 84
Position: ST

Is he worth it?

Aboubarkar is a pacey, strong striker with great acceleration and speed and has loads of room to grow as he’s still just 23 years old. The 6 footer is a great signing for those who enjoy using fast players but also want someone with strength to hold up the ball.

Altermative option – Ayoze Perez – £5m (Newcastle) 

Samuel Umtiti

Overall Rating: 79
Cost: £16.5m
Club: Lyon
Age: 21
Potential: 85
Position: CB

Is he worth it?

Umtiti is capable of stepping in to replace Mertesacker should you opt for that route. The French international has decent pace, strength and is not just a wonderkid on FIFA, but also real life. His ability in the air and tackling will provide excellent cover for the goalkeeper.

However, he’s a luxury buy and you can opt against him if you choose.

Alternative option – Eder Alvarez Balanta – £3.3m (River Plate)

Who you should buy (with the larger budget)

If you do manage to sell the ‘deadweight’ players listed in the “Who you should get rid of” section above, these are the extra players you should think about signing.

Domenico Berardi

Overall Rating: 80
Cost: £23m
Club: Sassuolo
Age: 21
Potential: 85
Position: RW

Is he worth it?

Berardi is a luxury, a player you don’t necessarily need, but if buy him, he’ll add some serious quality to your team.

At only 21 and already with an overall rating of 80, the winner of the 2015 Bravo Award will surely grow into one of the best players in the game.

John Stones

Overall Rating: 77
Cost: £11m
Club: Everton
Age: 21
Potential: 87
Position: CB

Is he worth it?

You can snag a real bargain by signing Stones for around £11m. His tackling ability and heading skill are sublime. If you want to freeze Koscielny and Gabriel out of you team, then Stones is a smart choice as a replacement.

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FIFA 16 Arsenal: Complete Guide For Career Mode

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