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Everything Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 has finally been announced after months of speculation, so what do we know about the game, and what should we expect?

The long awaited and speculated sequel to the 2010 hit Red Dead Redemption has finally been announced by Rockstar on Twitter, and in this article I’ll be breaking down what we know and the speculation. For a game that was only recently announced, there isn’t a lot of solid information. The only thing we know for sure is that it is a prequel to Red Dead Redemption.

John Marston Quotes

We know this from one of the pictures Rockstar posted to Twitter, in which a posse of gunslingers can be seen, and among them is the game’s previous hero John Marston. John doesn’t make it out of that game alive (it’s six years old, no spoiler warning) so it has to be a prequel. There was a map leak back in April, which now seems more legitimate due to the prequel setting, as the map includes locations from the previous game as well as new ones. This only makes sense if the area has changed over time, adding or changing settlements.

RDR2 Map 615x404

From the post we see seven cowboys, which immediately makes you think of the Magnificent Seven. John’s past was that he used to be in a gang, but gave it up for the family life, so if this is a prequel these guys could be the old squad. It is possible that they have borrowed elements from GTA V, and you are able to switch between all of the characters, but this is just speculation.

The only other solid news about the game is that it will be out next autumn (fall), and won’t have a PC release. This has left the PC fans, like me, understandably disappointed, but the franchise has never been PC friendly, and neither has Rockstar in general. Either way, I am extremely excited for this game, as the western genre is almost dead in gaming. After replaying Red Dead Redemption on Xbox’s backwards compatibility scheme, I am itching for more. 

Everything Red Dead Redemption 2

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