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Zotac Cup Masters: Preview and Predictions

The Zotac Cup Masters is starting tomorrow and it's a nice chance for all the tier 2 teams to showcase their talents. Let's take a look at each team and analyze within!

The Zotac Cup Masters is taking place at the Nangang Exhibition Center in Taipei, Taiwan. With a prize pool of $100,000 and a possible direct invite to TI7 in the hat, teams like NP and DC are vying for the win.

Meanwhile, newcomers Danish Bears and Singularity, who don’t feature a lot in premier tournaments, have a great chance to prove their worth and claim that invite to TI7 as well. Two teams were directly invited to the tournament while six teams qualified from Europe (2), SEA (2), China and the Americas.

Let’s take a look at each team and their chances of winning the tournament and taking home $50,000.

Directly invited teams

  • Team NP
  • Newbee

European Qualifiers

  • Danish Bears
  • Team Singularity

SEA Qualifiers

  • Warriors Gaming.Unity
  • Fnatic

China Qualifiers

IG.V, who came in second in the qualifiers were invited after the originally qualified team, Invictus Gaming, decided to drop out of the tournament due to scheduling conflicts. The news was announced on IG’s Facebook page.

Preview and Predictions

Team by team analysis.

Team NP

NP secured 3rd place at the recently concluded Manila Masters after losing out to a splendid Evil Geniuses in the loser’s bracket finals. Despite their loss, Team NP will be looking to win the tournament to strengthen their chances of securing a direct invite to TI7.

After failing to qualify for the Kiev Major, team captain EternalEnvy kicked 1437 and SVG off the team while FATA and pieliedie joined in as mid and support. This new line up looked scary in their first premier tournament as they eliminated Chinese favorites Invictus Gaming and also came close to sending EG home.

Team NP still has the Dota Summit 7 to look forward to before TI7 commences. But, winning the Zotac Masters Cup and securing a top three finish at the Summit 7 will strengthen their already good chances of receiving a direct invite.

Heroes to look out for

Aui’s Enchantress

Aui’s Treant Protector

FATA’s Lina

MSS’ Legion Commander

Current Roster


Prediction: 1st


Just two days after finishing as runner-up at the Manila Masters, Newbee is gearing up for another premier tournament in the space of one week. After a strong run at the Manila Masters, Newbee will be looking to secure the Zotac Cup Masters and take home $50,000. With Newbee not participating at the Epicenter or Summit 7, this will be their last chance to win a big tournament before TI7 starts.

The direct invites from China can most probably go to two teams, namely IG and Newbee. With a strong finish at the Manila Masters, Newbee has already secured a direct invite unless some other team pulls off a miracle in the upcoming tournaments.

Heroes to look out for

Kpii’s Tidehunter

Kpii’s Sand King

Sccc’s Outworld Devourer

Current Roster


Prediction: 2nd

Digital Chaos

Digital Chaos was left in the dust after Demon was kicked off the team due to poor results. Bulba, who hasn’t been in the best of form, took the reigns and also abjured his role as an offlaner; instead opting to function as a number 4. With no premier tournaments to look forward to before TI7, Digital Chaos have to give their best at this tournament if they want to receive that direct invite. With a 9k mid and a 9k offlaner on their team, Digital Chaos have a lot of expectations at this event.

They have to rely on Abed and Mason to execute their jobs perfectly to beat the best of teams like NP and Newbee. With no match experience for quite some time, I think that Digital Chaos will finish 3rd in this tournament.

Heroes to watch out for

Abed’s Meepo

Abed’s Ember Spirit

Abed’s Invoker

Forev’s Dark Seer


Prediction: 3-4th

Invictus Gaming.Vitality

IG.V has been quite unfortunate at Premier tournaments due to visa issues for their players. When the team qualified for the Boston Major, dogfights and super couldn’t obtain visas to the United States to compete. This time, Paparazzi couldn’t get his visa in time. As a result, kyxy is standing in for Paparazzi. IG.V also have a chance at winning a tournament as NESO Galaxy Battles is due to take place in June. But, winning this tournament would do a lot of good for their chances of obtaining that direct invite.

Heroes to look out for

Sakata’s Outworld Devourer

Injuly’s Batrider

Injuly’s Dark Seer

Current Roster


Prediction: 3-4th

Danish Bears

After a successful campaign as Danish Bears, they were picked up by Imperial during the Boston Major qualifiers and eventually ended up at Cloud9 as their new Dota 2 roster. Expectations were high for this team but they were unable to achieve anything significant. This led to the disbandment of the Cloud9 Dota 2 roster with Babyknight leaving the team to play for Crescendo. The team reverted to their old name and took 747 as their mid after he was released by Complexity.

Danish Bears is now rejuvenated and ready to showcase their talents as they have a confirmed ticket to the EU qualifiers for TI7.

Heroes to watch out for

Ace’s Ursa

Ace’s Anti Mage

Current Roster


Prediction: 5-6th


Fnatic hasn’t been a top-tier team in Dota 2 since TI5 and hasn’t been able to attract players of top quality. But a recent shuffle saw the overhaul of the entire team with players like Ahjit, QO and Febby joining them. This team hasn’t played too many competitive matches after its formation but I believe that we can see a strong showing from them. I think that Ahjit is the team’s playmaker and their draft must center around him. A direct invite to TI7 is out of the question for this team and therefore, they can concentrate on improving their team cohesion this tournament.

Heroes to watch out for

Ahjit’s Ember Spirit

Ahjit’s Morphling

QO’s Templar Assassin

Current Roster


Prediction: 5-6th

Warriors Gaming.Unity

Warriors Gaming.Unity has not had a great year as it disbanded its entire Dota 2 roster. With Ahjit and Ahfu leaving the team, they were left with no carry and support players. In the same month, Warriors Gaming.Unity announced that it would appoint a new Dota 2 roster with chYuan and Wenn replacing their departed players. This team hasn’t played too many competitive matches and has only played a few qualifier matches together. I predict that this team will be finishing last in the group and will not qualify for the playoffs as their lack of chemistry will be too much to overcome; especially with the level of talent on their other rosters.

Heroes to watch out for

Nana’s Invoker

Nana’s Outworld Devourer

Current Roster


 Prediction: 7-8th

Team Singularity

Team Singularity is a relatively new team to the Dota 2 scene. Consisting of an all Polish squad, they qualified for the Zotac Cup Masters beating Team Empire in the process. The team has a lot of potential to develop and this tournament must be considered as a stepping stone for the team. It is not expected of them to finish highly ranked but you never know what can happen. Despite that, they have the ability to upset a team or two on a good day.

Current Roster

El Lisash4

Prediction: 7-8th

  1. Who do you think will win the Zotac Cup Masters?

    1. NP
    2. Newbee
    3. IG.V
    4. Digital Chaos
    5. WG.U
    6. Fnatic
    7. Danish Bears
    8. Team Singularity
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Zotac Cup Masters: Preview and Predictions

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