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The International: Back to Default Maps Amid Compalints

With The International receiving a range of negative feedback for a weak day 1. Among other changes, the tournament is back to the default Dota 2 map over Reef's Edge.

The International of 2016 was breathtaking across strong production and unique presentation. Day 1 of The International 2017 didn’t meet the standard Valve has set.

But now, for Day 2 of the biggest Dota 2 tournament’s group stage, several of the worst problems have been promptly addressed.

What’s fixed

The tournament has picked back up the panel system and are delivering insight and commentary in the breaks between matches. This has definitely made plenty fans happy and increased the professionalism of the broadcast and tournament as a whole.

But perhaps the most important change was moving from the tournament’s ocean theme and coinciding map Reef’s Edge. The map makes several alterations to what Dota 2 players and fans know and love, including changing the foundation of the river itself, replacing it with structure.

Among many other cosmetic visual changes immersing the player in this sea-themed area, the changes can clog the screen and detract from the experience for the fans, even potentially interfering with results of the competition itself.

While the map and tournament theme are captivating, their potential to negatively effect The International for many was just too much to upkeep. Something as small as one skillshot miss can be the end of a match. A single misstep, or delay, can mean the difference between millions in prize money and going home. Thankfully, Valve took note.

Moving forward

Now for the rest of the group stage, and the ensuing main stage of the tournament, default texture is back, and all is well. The International will retain it’s ocean theme, but the save has arrived.

So grab the popcorn and enjoy The International 2017 which will only keep getting better.

As we approach the Main Event, the best teams in Dota 2 today will clash in upper bracket (double elimination) and lower bracket (single elimination,) based off of how strongly they performed in their groups. With Fnatic and Hellraisers sent packing already, the competition is steep. For the best in the world, it’s time to shine, and they’ll return to their old home default map to do so.

What do you think on the argument? Do you miss the sea themed Reef’s Edge? Let us know what you think of the change and tournament so far in the comments below! Stay tuned with RealSport for regular Dota coverage, and further information on The International 2017. RealSport’s favorite for the tournament, LGD.Forever Young, looks to translate it’s stunning 14-2 group stage performance to the Main Event.

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The International: Back to Default Maps Amid Compalints

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