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The International: Moving On From Group Stage

An intense Group Stage saw some teams go home, and many advance. Who survived, and what's up next for The International 2017?

Apart from the bumpy start to The International this year, the competition has already been exciting and hard fought. Now that Group Stage has concluded, let’s analyze the rubble and look ahead to what’s next for the tournament in its Main Event.

Group Stage recap

The Group Stage saw all out war between many teams. Some, however, can’t limp on from the fight. Teams like Fnatic, a storied Southeast Asia Dota team and HellRaisers, a roster formed just days before their European qualifier victory, have fallen in their respective groups after disappointing finishes.

But the group stage was really defined by three teams putting in some dominant efforts. While there was plenty of good Dota and a lot to build on after the group stage, Team Liquid, LGD, and LGD.FY showed themselves to be ahead of the pack with strong finishes. Regionally, China was well represented.

But as the rest of the teams fight on to the next step (hoping for better fortune,) the brackets for the Main Event are set. And the seeding for them is incredibly important.

That’s because the bracket stage of the tournament is divided into single and double elimination, much like a winner’s and loser’s bracket. Except that it’s not just teams that didn’t win in the losers bracket, it’s top tier DOTA 2 squads that just didn’t edge out their other top level competitors. With plenty still up in the air in a talent pool as rich as any International event yet, there’s much to be decided.

Remaining Brackets

Making up the lower bracket gauntlet are Cloud9, Digital Chaos, Execration, iG.Vitality, Infamous, OG, Team Empire, and Team Secret.

The upper bracket is represented by Evil Geniuses, Invictus Gaming, LGD.FY, LGD, Newbee, Team Liquid, TNC, and Virtus.Pro.

Along with plenty of item drops, item reveals, and the result of the Arcana Vote, The International 2017 is about to truly begin, and the best in the world will battle it out on the biggest tournament stage Dota has. With massive prize pools on the line, and plenty of pride and glory to be won, you better be ready with popcorn in hand for August 7th to see the Main Event begin. You won’t want to miss it.

And if you’re taking bets, we think LGD’s Forever Young squad will take the crown.

What do you think of The International 2017’s Main Event brackets? Are you excited for the biggest stage of them all? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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The International: Moving On From Group Stage

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