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Digital Chaos bring home DOTA 2 ESL One Genting Title

ESL Genting Dota2 tournament winners are…Digital Chaos!

TI6 Runner up Digital Chaos, who “sunsfanned” their way to the grand finals, defeated Chinese team Newbee, one of the favourites for the entire tournament.

After a convincing group stage, they dominated every match to reach the finals, beating Virtus Pro 2-0 and Wings Gaming 2-1, both teams that looked a bit shaky after the 7.00 patch update came out.

Resolut1on the Unkillable

DC started their last series with a loss, and lackluster performances that led to a 2-1 disadvantage. However during their third game we all saw that something changed in their playstyle that propelled them to victory in the BO5 finale.

Successful rotations either by MoonMeander or Resolut1on led to that advantage which then gave the team stability, and stability led to success. Resolut1on, already known for his carry performances, led the charts every time with his Last-Hit scores. He carried the last three games without a single death, branching through the enemies via successful rotations when needed and taking risks that paid off to take kills from the enemy squad.

Misery the Mastermind

That kind of success obviously needs an exceptional team to back it up. After two games of studying the opponent and how to deal with their draft, team captain Misery stepped up the execution, forcing the Naga Siren ban over the always present Underlord ban from the enemy. This was the only time Newbee didn’t ban Underlord in the whole tournament, and since they couldn’t ban it, they took it, even winning a game with it, but then crumbled thereafter. The only other game they didn’t ban Underlord was versus Virtus Pro, who promptly took him as first pick and managed to snatch a win, before being defeated 2-1 in the group stage.

This was the first tournament that saw pro players officially competing in patch 7.00, and it has only seen eight teams in a relatively short format.

We’ve seen Meepo bans for DC, Underlord being overestimated by Newbee and a lot of Ogre Magi and Juggernaut being played. Miarana and Omniknight had a 64% winrate and even some Tinkers going to the battlefield from time to time; but the real winner is Slardar, who has received a lot of attention from everyone after being remodeled, not being picked of banned just 22% of the matches.

Here you have it, go win your pubs.

Sunsfan the Genius

After being remembered for one of the most beautiful cinderella stories in 2016 at TI6, we cannot see DC as underdogs anymore. They did not face some of the strongest teams in the world this time, like OG and EG, as they were not at the tournament, but this win will surely heat up the expectations before Dota Pit, the next big international tournament scheduled for January 20th that wil take place in Splato, Croatia.

Do you think Digital Chaos can be named the best team in the world? Let us know why or why not in the comments!

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Digital Chaos bring home DOTA 2 ESL One Genting Title

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