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Destiny Getting into eSports Tournaments

Bungie's non-Halo FPS will be getting its first tournament on Tuesday.

Destiny is apparently jumping headfirst into eSports on Tuesday without telling anyone.

The famous gaming association Major League Gaming have stated that they will be hosting a Bo5 match before the game’s new multiplayer feature which is meant to allow players to create private PVP matches. The game will be streamed on MLG.tv at the link here.

The new private matches would allow both players and companies like MLG to host Destiny tournaments and allow the game to jump into eSports. When the feature was announced, developer Bungie and publisher Activision did not state whether or not they will be hosting tournaments but perhaps Activision-owned MLG will change their minds.

12 of the top Destiny players will be playing in Tuesday’s match and will be split into two teams of six who will play in the new game mode Supremacy.

Alpha Team

  • Luminosity

  • Bodies

  • Viole

  • SirDimetrious

  • TripleWRECK

  • SayWallaHBruh

Bravo Team

  • nKuch

  • Lil Sonic

  • iFrostBolt

  • KJHovey

  • TrueVanguard

  • RealKraftyy

Destiny Getting into eSports Tournaments

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