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Denial eSports gets new CS:GO roster

Denial eSports gets a new CS:GO roster mostly comprised of ex-Winterfox players. Will they see good results?

After dropping their entire CS:GO roster on March 26 of this year, the North American eSports organization, Denial eSports, have announced today that they’re back at it again, this time with a mixed NA/EU roster.

Three of the players in the roster are an ex-Winterfox trio who decided to stick together and leave the North American organization before being picked up by Denial. Let’s take a look at those three players:

First up we have David “XP3” Garrido, a 29-year-old French player who started his career way back in 2006 with Counter-Strike 1.6. Since then he’s played on a variety of teams including compLexity Gaming and eLevate, and is now a coach for Selfless as well. He won his first Premier Title at CPL Italy under “All Against Authority”, and recently achieved two first place finishes at both LAN ETS 2015 and the Alienware Area 51 Cup #1 while playing under Mythic and eLevate respectively.

Next we have Todd “Anger” Williams, who began his career in late 2012, playing for Curse.NA. He has twice played for Denial in the past, in 2013 and 2014, and has placed first in four out of his first five events, including Premier events such as the Global Finals of Season 15 of ESEA and LAN ETS 2014.

The third player on the roster is Kyle “FlowsicK” Mendez, a 25-year-old player who started his career in 1.6 playing for Ultimax Gaming. He too has played for Denial in the past, in 2013, and has a couple of first place finishes under his belt in Counter Strike, with many more respectable placings.

The next player on the list is Alexander “SKYTTEN” Carlsson, a 23-year-old Swedish player who started his career in 2012 playing for a largely unknown team by the name of Gosu. He has achieved three first place finishes, with the most recent being at the Uprise Champions Cup Europe Finals, and he’s now making the transition to North America.

Last, but not least, we have Christian “Spitfire” Schi√∂lde. He began his career in 2012 as well playing for Lemondogs. While he has less event placings than his Denial teammates, he does have a great record including four top three¬†placings in his last four events, with his most recent event being a first place at the Yoggi Yalla Cup: Qualifier 3 Weekly Finals.

According to the Denial eSports announcement,

“The team will be living in a house together in California, with Swedish players Spitfire and Skytten making their way over to North America. They will be looking to work on their chemistry and teamwork ahead of the next set of competitions – MTW Premier League, ESWC 2016 Qualifier, NA Major Qualifier, E-League Qualifier.”

While these players are certainly no JW or Olofmeister in terms of fame, they still have a fair bit of experience under their belt with XP3 being the oldest veteran of them all. Perhaps if the team gets a good coach for their new roster, they could certainly make it far. We have seen unexpected teams make it to high rankings, such as the Chinese team TyLoo. In the world of eSports, anything is possible.

Denial eSports gets new CS:GO roster

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