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CS Summit Coverage Hub

A frequent producer of DOTA 2 and Super Smash Brothers “Summits,” the CS_Summit will be the first time the Los Angeles house will be open to CS:GO players for a prize pool of $150,000.  

Beyond The Summit

The Teams

Eight teams were invited to the CS_Summit from all over the world. While the North American region will boast the most teams (SK Gaming, Cloud9, OpTic Gaming, and Team Liquid) it is by no means a North American tournament. Some teams that have struggled to get into LANs by qualification (GODSENT and Team EnVyUs) will have a massive opportunity to prove themselves against struggling European teams (Gambit Esports and Ninjas in Pyjamas). Below you can read in depth profiles of each team attending the event and how they should perform.

CS_Summit Team Profile: Team EnVyUs

CS_Summit Team Profile: Team Liquid

CS_Summit Team Profile: SK Gaming

CS_Summit Team Profile: Ninjas in Pyjamas

CS_Summit Team Profile: Gambit Esports

CS_Summit Team Profile: Cloud9

CS_Summit Team Profile: OpTic Gaming

CS_Summit Team Profile: GODSENT 

The Format

The event will be extremely unique in Counter-Strike as it will feature a proper double elimination best of 3 bracket. One of the more popular tournament formats in esports such as Call of Duty and Halo, the double elimination best of 3 bracket allows a good team to get off to a slow start and still place well or win the event as they warm up. While the double elimination format is much fairer to all teams, it is very time consuming especially in games such as CS:GO or LoL where a full three maps could take three hours.


We will be covering the event differently than we would cover an event such as StarSeries where we put out daily Top Performer and Recaps for each round of the Swiss System (Groups) and quarters/semis, and Grand Finals.

Instead, we will cover each round with a recap and will release predictions for the Grand Finals only. You will be able to see all the relevant articles here as we will be updating this the entire weekend! 

CS_Summit 2017 Quarter Finals Analysis

CS_Summit 2017 Losers Bracket Round 1 Analysis

CS_Summit 2017 Winners Bracket Semifinals Analysis

CS_Summit Losers Bracket Round 2 Analysis

CS_Summit Winners Bracket Finals Analysis

CS_Summit Losers Bracket Semifinals Analysis

CS_Summit Losers Bracket Finals Analysis

CS_Summit Grand Finals Analysis

CS_Summit Winners and Losers




Ezekiel Carsella

My name is Ezekiel Carsella and I am the Senior CS:GO Editor here at RealSport 101 who is heavily invested in esports and traditional sports. I am a big fan of my National Champion Clemson Tigers, 27 time World Series winning New York Yankees, and two time Super Bowl champions Baltimore Ravens.

CS Summit Coverage Hub

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