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CS:GO update didn’t fix the glaring issues

The issues with CS:GO are well known and documented now, so have Valve stepped in to fix them?

We’ve all been waiting for Valve to fix the hit reg in Counter Strike: Global Offensive and improve their anti-cheat software, so have they done it?

To put it simply, no.

In the latest CS:GO update, weapon sounds where changed again – the latest victims being the scout and my beloved AWP. The AWP noise was so amazing and iconic, but is now bland and generic. It has also been increased to a massive four seconds, which is absolutely ridiculous. I can’t look at her the same way.

It seems like Valve are trying to make the game more realistic by changing the sounds, and will surely be changing every weapon in the game. But how realistic can it truly be if when you shoot someone and they don’t get hit?

Valve’s priorities are clearly in the right places…

CS:GO update didn’t fix the glaring issues

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