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CS:GO New Godsent VS Virtus.Pro

JW, KRIMZ, and fluha all left the legendary Fnatic to join Godsent. They played their debut match against Virtus.Pro, so how did it go?

Most CS:GO players now know that Fnatic’s KRIMZ, flusha, and JW left the legendary team to join Godsent. The team was set up by their old teammate Pronax, and they recently played their debut match with the new line up in a best of 3 against Virtus.Pro. So how did it go? Is the old Fnatic back? And what were the best moments? Well stick around and I’ll go into detail on all of it.

Virtus.Pro dominated the first half of the first game as Terrorists on Cobblestone. After a flawless pistol round, Neo solo took A and got himself a nice 4 kills. This easy A take repeated itself, as they just walked onto the site in the 5th, 6th, and 7th round. However, once Godsent where able to buy, they shut down the pesky A take, and on the 10th round destroyed VP with a boost and flank into lower halls. After a couple of loses, VP regained momentum, taking the last 2 rounds of the half.

Virtus.Pro did some of the best eco plays in the second half I think I’ve ever seen, winning the 2nd round after a pistol loss, and an amazing 23rd round where they were again saving. To Godsent’s frustration they weren’t able to replicate VP’s success at ecos, with Neo even humiliating them with the same boosting tactic Pronax used in the first half from drop room. They were able to get some rounds on the board, but never dominated any of them like Virtus.Pro did. They finally lost the match 16 -11.

The 2nd match on Cache didn’t get any brighter for Godsent. They were able to win rounds against an ecoing Virtus.Pro, but not the majority of full buys. Virtus.Pro played an incredible eco round once again, retaking the A site with only a M4A1-S, AWP, and then pistols. The Pols weren’t robotic killers however, and made some pretty embarrassing mistakes. For instance Snax missed two easy headshots on player at forklift on two separate occasions, and Taz jumped onto JW’s head at highway before receiving Deagle shots for his bad manners.

It goes without saying Godsent’s debut match was underwhelming, and the ex-Fnatic boys have certainly lost their edge. Even though Fnatic had a somewhat negative reputation, I want to see ex players get back to their former glory on Godsent. This is because another high-level team will only make for more thrilling matches and tournaments.  



CS:GO New Godsent VS Virtus.Pro

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