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Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare: Does the original hold up?

With Infinite Warfare being bundled with Modern Warfare remastered, I brought the original to see if it still holds up. The results were surprising...

As a lot of people know a remastered COD 4 is being exclusively sold in a bundle with Infinite Warfare. This means the game will be unavailable to purchase alone, and you will instead have to buy both games together at a whopping £65. Like a lot of people, I was itching to play some classic COD 4, but refused to pay this ridiculous price tag. I brought the original version off of Steam for £15, but like a lot of people was worried if it would hold up, have anyone still playing it, and if all the servers were moded. Well, here’s what I learnt.

Addressing the first query, does it hold up? Undoubtedly yes. I don’t know why I had any fears. The mission ‘all ghillied up’ is as memorable as ever, and every second of the campaign is great, only elevated even more for me after enduring so much rubbish from the last couple of futuristic entries. The graphics have also held up surprisingly well. Because COD hasn’t changed its engine for so long, the graphics are pretty much at the same level. The franchise looks extremely ugly by today’s standards, but back in 2007 it was amazing, and is still acceptable today.


However, it was the sounds that caught me off guard. The clattering of feet over metal, the crack off a sniper, and your lifeless body hitting rubble all have a real grittiness to them. I was surprised at how real everything felt, and the weapons feel like they can do real damage. This was back at a time where developers weren’t scared to give guns some recoil, and force you to try to control them, unlike the laser beam accuracy of Infinite Warfare’s firearms. 

But we already know that Modern Warfare is amazing, so let’s talk about my biggest fear, the game’s population. This is the area the original most suffers, as there aren’t a huge amount of people playing. It seems like the majority of people still playing are European, judging by the server names, languages used, and the factthat  there aren’t many players active at night. The servers themselves are also pretty frustrating, as a lot of them have a player limit in the 40s. This completely throws off the balance of the game, and turns every map into a choke point, and where one airstrike can kill ten people. Luckily, there normally aren’t that many people on the servers, but it an be very hard to find a server that hosts the normal player limit. The best one I found was ‘Beast Server’, as it just allows you to play the game normally, and usually has a good number of players in it.


Overall, if you don’t want to spend a stupid amount of money on the Infinite Warfare bundle, but want to play COD 4 now, then get the original. The campaign still holds up and isn’t screaming for a fancy makeover. But be prepared, you won’t always be able to play the multiplayer how you want to. There may be times where people just aren’t on the good servers, so you will have to skip a night. But if you are craving to run around ‘Crash’ again with a supressed MP5, then pick it up. 

Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare: Does the original hold up?

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