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Breaking: YouTube star Charged in relation to ‘FIFA’ Gambling

Popular FIFA YouTube star Craig Douglas (NepentheZ) has allegedly broken UK Law by promoting the use of in-game betting.

With FIFA becoming even more popular every year, players are desperate for coins without paying the obscene prices for FIFA Points, and in-game currency needed to purchase packs without using coins. However, one Youtuber and one website owner have taken it a step too far, and the consequences are about to go a lot further than just losing your in-game account as they come off of the virtual pitch and into the real-wold courts.

YouTube star with over 1,300,00 subscribers Craig Douglas (NepentheZ) and Dylan Rigby, owner of the site FUTgalaxy, have both been charged with violating the UK’s Gambling Act as well as ‘inviting those under 18 to gamble’.

The two are accused to have used their massive online presence to push lotteries and “Illegal Gambling” involving in-game coins on the video game FIFA 16. However, both men failed to warn the participating parties that betting is for over 18’s only in accordance with the UK’s Gambling Act.

Both men have already featured in court, with the trial commencing on October 14th. Regardless of the outcome in this landmark case, it will definitely leave a huge impact and serve as a vicious warning to those online who are involved with in-game betting, or at the very least serve as a wake-up call. Those YouTubers that aren’t working within the United Kingdom may not face the same pressures, but it would be incredibly stupid and naïve if these shocking new charges don’t prompt those involved to rethink who they are promoting as the ramifications are anything but virtual. (The tweets got taken down but we managed to get the original tweet.)


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Breaking: YouTube star Charged in relation to ‘FIFA’ Gambling

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