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Battlefield 1 : Top 3 horse tips

Horses in Battlefield 1 are a awesome part of the game, in this article you'll learn the best tips for them before you even get on a saddle.

Horses are a big focus point for Battlefield 1’s multiplayer, and why not? You look like a bada*s warrior as you charge around slashing any foe that dares challenge you, and feel hopeless when one races towards you. This is why I put together these top-three tips on how best to use, and counter, the beasts.


1 – Fast doesn’t equal better


Though the horses in Battlefield 1 can gallop at high speeds, it isn’t always in your best interest to do so. Undoubtedly the coolest thing about riding them is that your can cut down the enemy with a sword from horseback, but if you’re in a flat out charge you won’t be able to do so. The swing takes a couple of seconds after pressing attack, and by the time the animation is complete you will have left your target in the dust. Slow down a bit and swing precisely, but if you refuse to, you can always trample them to death – which is actually equally awesome.


2 – Aim for the rider, not the horse


It may be instinctual to shoot at the horse instead of the rider as they are bigger targets, but this is highly discouraged. For one they have surprisingly high health compared to players, meaning it takes awhile to put them down. Secondly, the enemy on the horse is the one doing the damage. Taking them out will stop the rampage and once they’re gone you can take the horse for yourself. This is a win-win scenario, and is extra humiliating for your victim as they’re forced to watch you claim their steed as your own. Be weary, however, as a rider-less horse can still trample you to death, so stay clear of it until its still – or face an embarrassing demise. 


3 – Don’t charge head on


I know it’s super appealing, and the trailer made it look amazing, believe me I know, but charging in will get you gunned down in a matter of seconds. You and the horse are pretty big and vulnerable targets, so using buildings and cover to get to the enemy is the best tactic. You can even go on long flanks easily as your horse can cover large distances fast, allowing you to hack and slash the other team from behind.

Battlefield 1 : Top 3 horse tips

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