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Battlefield 1 game breaking bug

Read this before you play the Battlefield 1 Beta, as it can save you a lot of time and avoid a game breaking bug.

The Battlefield 1 Beta is living up to the hype, delivering on the promise of intense firefights and destructibility the franchise is known for, but is currently suffering from a game-breaking bug.

Your class progression doesn’t save properly. This means you could play tens of matches in a row, yet be no closer to unlocking new items, which has left some people furious.

What seems to be happening is that after your first round on a new server, your on class progress is saved, but every other round after that isn’t. This means that you need to leave a server after one game and join a new one in order to progress properly, pure madness!

Dice have stated they’re aware of the issue on Reddit, but hey, this is what Betas are for I guess.

Battlefield 1 game breaking bug

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