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Battlefield 1 Beta tips and tricks

Having trouble with Battlefield or looking to have an edge over your opponents? Here are some of the simple, but effective, tips to improve.

The highly anticipated new COD killer Battlefield 1 has dropped its open Beta, and this helpful list of tips and tricks will allow you to get the most out of it. 


Know the Elite Classes 

The Elite Classes are like the battle pick-ups in BF4, or heroes in Battlefront – basically a playable character who can do massive damage. We’ve seen these guys in the trailers destroying their enemies, and they’re as fun to play as they look. Elites are only available in Conquest, and are accessible at different flags on the map. For instance, the knight with the machine gun is called Sentry, and can be accessed at F. The Flame Trooper spawns at B, and the soldier with the massive sniper is Tank Hunter, who can be found at E. Each class has their own strengths and weaknesses, and only one of each can be in play at any one time. Once the user dies, the pick-up will respawn at the same flag after a few minutes. These classes can be extremely fun to use, and I highly recommend giving each one a try.


Use Bayonet Charge to get around the map


The map available in the Beta is Sinai Desert, and is the one of the largest in Battlefield history, with massive open areas rife with snipers. This can make running to objectives a treacherous task, and a good way to decrease the risk is to use your Bayonet Charge. The charge allows you to run extremely fast, which makes it great for quickly dashing past a sniper’s line of fire.


Don’t underestimate an SMG


The Assault class may seem useless on such a large map with only an SMG, but the weapon can pack a surprising punch at range. If you burst fire, shooting only 2-5 rounds at a time, you should easily be able to land shots on a distant target. The damage you inflict won’t be amazing, but if you’re fighting near an objective a fellow soldier should help you out. You can even compete in a 1v1 with this tactic as, if you are accurate in landing shots, your opponent will flinch and won’t be able to return fire, allowing you to drop them and look like a bada*s underdog in the process.

Battlefield 1 Beta tips and tricks

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