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Are CS:GO Skins Dying – And Should I Buy Or Sell?

CS:GO skins are plummeting in value, but why, and what should you do?

At this point the skins in counter strike could be deemed more famous than the game they’re in, due to the massive amounts of gambling, money, and notoriety surrounding them. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, skins are basically paintjobs for your weapons in CS, which have fluctuating rarities and prices which usually coincide.

Some of these skins are valued in the thousands because of their looks, but since gambling was banned by Valve they have seen a steady decline in price. Gambling was extremely prevalent in the CS:GO community, driving up prices. This was because you could stake your skins to win more. Since gambling was banned everyone has lost interest and the prices are plummeting. Or have they?

It is true that skins are losing value, and from first glance the loss of gambling is the clear culprit. However my conclusion is that once gambling was removed people started selling their high tier skins, predicting the prices were going to drop. Players started selling their skins under market value in order to sell them faster, driving prices lower to where we are today. To put this in perspective the M9 Bayonet Doppler had a stable price of around £300, but is now selling for roughly £160 as of August 24th.

What’s happening now is the gaming equivalent to the Wall Street Crash! Once a couple people started short selling the bubble popped. I’m not denying that gambling caused prices to increase in the first place, and I’m sure things will level out once the dust has settled, but at an overall lower value.

But skins are not dead and nor is trading.

If you do have some skins that used to be higher in value, I’d recommend holding onto them for a while. Once the panic is over everyone who once had the more popular skins will want to buy them back. This will in turn drive up the demand and with it prices, and that’s when you come in and reap the reward.

If you are looking for a flashy new killing toy, but were put off by the prices, then now is the perfect time to go bargain hunting. Buy now, as the ban has been in place for a while and some traders are already getting over the initial panic phase. Plus you could also stockpile and sell them once the market recovers. Who knew you would need a degree in economics to play an FPS?

Are CS:GO Skins Dying – And Should I Buy Or Sell?

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