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3sUp pick up Rammyy

3sUp eSports picked up a former player from Denial eSports for their Halo team.

The Fall season of the Halo Championship Series challenger League has begun and what a start. With that news, 3sUp eSports has announced that they have added Denial eSports’s former player Abel “Rammyy” Garcia. Reportedly, they had been thinking about acquiring him for a while now.

“We’re very excited about the opportunity ahead of us with the acquisition of Rammyy; his skill set will play an integral role with the rest of our Halo team,” said Hilton Howell, CEO of 3sUP Enterprise – according to ESPN eSports.

Rammyy also shared his thoughts about joining the new roster, per the same source:“When I failed to make Pro League with my Denial roster, one of my instincts was to come here because I knew all the raw talent that was on this team, and I am more confident now with this team than ever that we can make Pro League.”

3sUp came as a new team into the Halo scene earlier in July, when they picked up the roster of OnlyGoodOnline, consisting of Chance “MoNsTcR” Duncan, Ian “Chaser” Contorelli, Ezekiel “Prototype” Martinez and Gilbert “MuNoz” Muñoz, after just five weeks of the team being together.

3sUp pick up Rammyy

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