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3 Overwatch characters that seem simple but are hard to master

Some characters are written off as "basic" but for these 3 I'd argue otherwise.

3 – Bastion:

Even so much as hitting someone may need skill to use Bastion, makes people’s blood boil. Everyone hated this nature loving death machine when the game first launched, unable to figure out how to counter or defeat him. However nowadays in high-level competitive matches he is never seen, and that’s partly because the guy is hard to use!

The second you open fire the entire enemy team is onto you and the hunt begins. Back in the lower levels you could spray and pray with the seemingly infinite ammo, but once you start climbing the ranks you have to play different. Pinpoint shooting is a requirement, as enemies will be rushing from every angle. You also have to tactically reload and repair, anticipating when the next wave of enemies will begin their assault. Not only this, but you must constantly change positions and find ingenious spots to take the enemy by surprise.

Intense focus is needed so as to not be tricked into a Genji’s deflect, or lose too much health to a Phara. Your ultimate can also clear out a site like ‘A’ on Hanamura, basically being the same as Genji’s Dragonblade except you can shoot far away targets. We Bastions are a hated people, but only when we play him right, and if being hated is the sacrifice for victory… then so be it.

2 – Reaper:

This edgy Goth can seem under-powered when you first get started playing him. His shotguns have awful range even for close quarter guns, and his teleport takes forever. However once you gain experience and skill then go back and play him you realize Reaper is a breath of fresh air.

He is such a strong hero on objective maps its insane, able to avoid losing health when the going gets tough with his Wraith Form ability, and can even gain it back by eating the souls of the dead – an ability that makes Slipknot look like One Direction. These abilities make him incredible at flanking and 1v1 fighting, able to destroy tanks in seconds.

It is vital that you land every single shot with your shotguns however. They do great damage in short bursts, but missing even a few shots can mean the difference between your foe living or dying. You need to aim true despite the shotguns reputation as an inaccurate weapon, and it takes time and commitment to master this dark lord.

1 – Soldier 76:

This guy is played quite a lot, but for the uninitiated he is one hell of a fighter. The primary weapon has basically no recoil, so if your crosshair is on target then 100% of your shots will hit. This can be an extremely hard task however, especially when firing at mobile characters like Phara or Lucio. Predicting and landing your Helix Rockets are the icing on the bullet ridden cake.

His sprint is surprisingly very useful, as you can move across the map at a fast pace. His ultimate ability may appear underwhelming, but when used effectively can bring some amazing results. I recommend using it when faced with two or three enemies or a single tank, as the likelihood of pulling off a team kill with it is extremely rare. If you try, even with a beautiful flank, you will almost certainly be killed, unless Ana uses her ultimate on you. But lets be honest, who’s playing Ana?

3 Overwatch characters that seem simple but are hard to master

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