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David Warner struggles outside Australia

David Warner is one of the greats on home pitches, but falls to bits when on tour. Why?

David Warner is known to cricketers all over the world as on of the most dangerous batsmen in the modern game. His aggressive style is unmatched by opposing teams, and he showed how quickly he could swing a game when he scored a first session century against Pakistan in the recent Australian summer.

Although he came into the current series against India series with a truckload of form and momentum, he has been performing below par. In fact, he has a habit of falling flat on foreign decks.

Just four centuries on foreign soil

Of Warner’s 18 centuries, he has scored only four of them outside of Australia, one in Dubai against Pakistan and three in South Africa. The last time David Warner passed fifty runs outside of Australia was in the 2015 Ashes Series in England.

It is Warner’s aggressive style of batting that makes him a fan favourite with Aussie cricket tragics, and a danger on home pitches. But his aggressive style is highly instinctual, and his instincts rely on the repetitive nature of the delivery

Different regions around the world allow for pitches that give the bowler something distinct in the delivery. 

  • Australia has harder and bouncy pitches giving the ball the ability to leap off the pitch.
  • India has dry and dusty pitches, which give the spinners a lot to grip the ball into so it can spin.
  • England has more humid whether allowing more moisture to get into the ball and if it’s taken care of right it can swing.

Warner’s instincts have been in Australia, and that is why he loves it when the ball comes fast and bounces high.

In comparison, Steve Smith (who has just scored his second century in this Test series against India) is a much more thoughtful and calculated batsmen. Rather than relying on instincts, he prefers to learn what the pitch does and play the ball for what type of variations it has.

What do you think holds David Warner back from succeeding on foreign soil? Let us know in the comments below.

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David Warner struggles outside Australia

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