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Throwback Thursday: AFL Trivia (Quiz)

Still no footy, and the trade period has died down now. All good though. There will always be trivia to get you through the off season. How many can you get right?

This week’s instalment looks at goal kicking records, VFL/AFL history, All-Australian records and ancient premiership history. Stuff of legends, really. How many questions can you get right?

  1. 1 Which of these legends has been selected the most times in the All-Australian team?

    1. Andrew McLeod
    2. Glenn Archer
    3. Barry Hall
    4. Paul Chapman

    Andrew McLeod

    McLeod earned five nominations over his career, more than all of Archer (three), Barry Hall (four) and Paul Chapman (two).

  2. 2 North Melbourne won their first Premiership in 1975, but which two teams finished above them on the ladder at the end of the season?

    1. Collingwood and Richmond
    2. Geelong and South Melbourne
    3. St. Kilda and Essendon
    4. Hawthorn and Carlton

    Hawthorn and Carlton

    The Roos beat the Hawks to win their first flag.

  3. 3 Which team won the final pre-season cup, played in 2013?

    1. Collingwood
    2. Adelaide
    3. Western Bulldogs
    4. Brisbane


    The Lions beat the Blues in the final Nab Cup, with the Crows beating the Eagles the year before.

  4. 4 When was the last year that only five teams were involved in finals football?

    1. 1945
    2. 1966
    3. 1974
    4. 1990


    It's much later than expected, it became six teams in 1991 with the addition of the Adelaide Crows.

  5. 5 Which of these men has not kicked 1000 goals?

    1. Jason Dunstall
    2. Gary Ablett Sr.
    3. Matthew Lloyd
    4. Gordon Coventry

    Matthew Lloyd

    Matthew Lloyd finished his career on 926 goals.

  6. 6 Adelaide and which other club are the only two to have never claimed a wooden spoon?

    1. Port Adelaide
    2. Fremantle
    3. West Coast
    4. Geelong

    Port Adelaide

    Both South Australian clubs are the only two to have never claimed the dreaded prize.

  7. 7 Essendon beat what side in 2001 to claim the biggest comeback in AFL history?

    1. Richmond
    2. North Melbourne
    3. Fremantle
    4. Port Adelaide

    North Melbourne

    The Roos lead by 69 points at one stage, 22-91, before losing the game 171 to 159.

  8. 8 Who has not kicked 100 goals in a season, excluding finals?

    1. Brian Taylor
    2. Tony Modra
    3. Warwick Capper
    4. Lance Franklin

    Warwick Capper

    The man famous for his tight shorts managed 99 goals in the 1987 season, but passed 100 goals during the finals. The others all managed 100 goals during the home and away season, Taylor in 1986, Modra in 1993 and Franklin in 2008.

  9. 9 What is the highest ever score in VFL/AFL history?

    1. 31.25 (211)
    2. 36.15 (231)
    3. 37.17 (239)
    4. 39.19 (253)

    37.17 (239)

    Geelong kicked 239 points against the Brisbane Bears in 1992.

  10. 10 Which of these events happened last?

    1. First Premiership by a team outside Victoria
    2. Gary Ablett Sr. wins his second Coleman medal
    3. Dustin Fletcher plays his first match
    4. Adelaide defender Rory Laird is born

    Gary Ablett Sr. wins his second Coleman medal

    Ablett's second of three Coleman medals came in 1994, West Coast were the first non-Victorian Premiers in 1992, and Fletcher's debut and Laird's birth both occurred in 1993.

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Throwback Thursday: AFL Trivia (Quiz)

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