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AFL trade evaluation: Richmond

They say you have to improve every season, but the premiers seem happy with their list, thus not doing too much at the trade table. What implications will this have?

Trade movements

To keep it short and sweet, the Tigers did nothing. A few late swaps of draft picks means that Richmond are looking quite good in terms of the upcoming draft, but in terms of players, there was barely any noise coming out of Tigerland. Maybe their list manager is still recovering from their grand final heroics, but can you blame them?

So what did Richmond actually do? 

IN: Picks 20, 25, 53
OUT: Picks 15, 52, 2018 third round draft pick.

These late deals mean a great opportunity to improve their list at the draft, with three picks in the top 25. In terms of what they lost, they really lost nothing. Pick 15 may prove to unlock a 200 game player, but with three early picks, surely Richmond can get this right.

2017 draft order

Richmond have 17, 20, 25, 53, 55, 74, 92, 110 in the 2017 draft.

Three picks in the top 25 is a great return for a team who just won the grand final. For Tiger fans, it may seem good news to see Anthony Miles not leave the club, as he was the only player who was in talks to leave. Miles will accept the one year deal offered to him by the club, and Tiger fans will still feel that there could be a spot for him in the team. A near injury free season for Richmond meant the ball magnet struggled to find a spot in the 22, but next year could be very different. 

In terms of players who were in talks to get to Richmond, there was not many. Josh Schache was probably the only player in this category, however Richmond seemed to lose interest quite early in the trade window.


Richmond have also parted ways with some of their players who were out of favour and some who just weren’t good enough.

Taylor Hunt

Hunt became the scapegoat in his three years at Richmond, but his performances did not do him many favours. His poor kicking and bad decision making led to his delisting, and it is highly unlikely that he will end up at another AFL club.

Ben Lennon

Just 21 games in four seasons is not something that meets the eye if you are a recruiter, however Ben Lennon did show signs in these games that there is something to work with. Lennon’s biggest downfall was his clear intention to leave the club at the end last season, which led him to become out of favour at Tigerland. I think another club may take a chance with Lennon through the rookie draft. He was not offered a new contract by the Tigers.

Todd Elton

They say big men take a while to develop, but it may seem that Richmond didn’t give Elton the chance to develop. Coming out during the week and expressing that Elton thought he was about to enter his ‘prime’, there may be room for him on another list. Strong VFL form throughout the year shows that he may be at AFL standard.

Jake Batchelor

Jake Batchelor was a solid player for Richmond and at one point was a key member of the side. However, his bad disposal was the reason he was not offered a new contract by Richmond. He finished this season as the experienced head at the back of Richmond’s VFL team, but there may be a chance for him on another list.

Steven Morris

Morris was somewhat of a cult hero at Richmond and somebody they loved having around the club. His hardness at the footy was what all fans loved to see, even if he didn’t get much of the footy. He has been delisted by the Tigers, but has been offered a full time contract at Richmond VFL. Probably a good result for both parties.

Final Word and rating

Richmond clearly didn’t set the world alight, however they lost nobody and they gained picks that are better than what they originally had. Richmond also got rid of the players who simply were not good enough, leaving space for young new talent to come in. My only worry for the Tigers is the fact they brought in nobody where they could use another forward. They are the hunted now and teams will do their best to work out their every tactic. They say you must improve every season, we will see if Richmond have done enough to fit this mold. A positive window nonetheless.

Rating: B-

How do you think Richmond fared in the 2017 trade period? What will they look for in the draft? Share your thoughts below.

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Jarrod Febbraio

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AFL trade evaluation: Richmond

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