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AFL free agency: Can these 3 delisted free agents redeem their careers?

It has been a fall from grace for these 3 delisted free agents, but they could yet find new homes. The question is, which clubs would be willing to take a punt?

The delisted free agency window has been open for a few days, and we’ve seen a bit of action. Aaron Mullett has found his way to the Blues, Lachlan Keeffe has been given a surprise lifeline by GWS, and the Power have made further trade moves by giving Jack Trengove a second chance. 

While these players will no doubt relish the opportunity, there are a few others who will be sweating for the next three days, wondering whether they will be given another go. We look at three who could still get a new home next week.

  1. 1 Billy Hartung

    The ex-Hawthorn speedster has found himself on the outer after being a regular fixture for most of the 2017 season. However, indecision with the footy in hand, along with the return of Cyril Rioli and the inclusion of Jarman Impey have sealed his fate in brown and gold. The key issue with Hartung is not his efficiency or number of errors, but rather when he makes these errors and what they cost.

    At his best, however, Hartung adds great pace and line-breaking run, and can chip in with the occasional goal. This will make him a handy addition for a club looking to add depth to their outside game. 

    Brisbane have been rumoured to be interested, and Sydney certainly could use some run and carry in their midfield. The Dees could be another left-field option for Hartung, as they seek to complement their inside game with some pace and run.

  2. 2 Stewart Crameri

    It has been quite a fall from grace for Crameri, who not long ago was a key part of the Doggies’ side. The ASADA suspension has been compounded with injuries, resulting in a complete drop from where he was in 2015.

    While Crameri has mentioned he wouldn’t be averse to joining his old club, Essendon, the Bombers’ acquisition of Jake Stringer and the fact that they have ruled out pursuing Crameri certainly put paid to that story.

    While many clubs could benefit from having him as a second or third tall in their side, not many have made their move. He would be a good fit for someone like the Dees, who have traded Jack Watts. 

    Though they seem to be inclined to go with Tom McDonald in the forward line, I feel Crameri would add a bit of unpredictability with his athleticism and strong hands. It remains to be seen whether it would come to fruition.

  3. 3 Lindsay Thomas

    Another player who has had a rapid fall from grace, Thomas went from playing 22 games and kicking 37 goals in 2016 to playing 9 games and kicking a paltry 5 goals. What works against Thomas the most is his poor discipline on the field. He was suspended twice in the VFL this season, and it seemed to be the beginning of the end of his career at North Melbourne.

    Last week confirmed his worst fears as he was delisted by the Roos. Thomas at his best is a great attacking option and can provide teams with some x-factor. The downside is his inconsistency and lack of defensive pressure, two things that are crucial in modern day football.

    Port Adelaide are rumoured in the box seat to gain Thomas and look to continue their active trading period. After losing Jarman Impey to the Hawks, Port will be on the lookout for a genuine pacy small forward who can crumb at the feet of Dixon, Ryder and Westhoff.

    GWS would be a very left-field chance for Thomas, and the reason I put their name in the mix is because they have lost Stevie J and Devon Smith, and are unlikely to find a like-for-like replacement through the draft.

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AFL free agency: Can these 3 delisted free agents redeem their careers?

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