Spider-Man Miles Morales to feature surprise villains

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We are just a month away from the release of the PS5, and with it Spider-Man: Miles Morales!

The 2018 Spider-Man game was a huge hit with seasoned Spidey fans and newcomers. The sequel looks set to blow us all away.

Game Informer has had the chance to get a first look at the new Sony title, and it includes the appearance of a surprise villain.

Be warned, spoilers ahead!

First boss battle

Spider-Man Miles Morales will be filled with goons to battle your way through and stunning visuals to enjoy.

But what every Spidey fan really enjoys is those huge boss battles against strong villains that we all love to hate.

spider man miles morales 1 1
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EASY THERE: Somehow we don't think there will be a peaceful solution here

The first boss battle is against a familiar mechanized menace, Aleksei Sytsevich aka Rhino!

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The gameplay features Miles pulling off some fresh moves to battle Rhino, and while they have the familiar Spidey feel they are definitely uniquely Miles rather than just a reskin of some Peter Parker moves from the previous game.

Next-gen performance

We all know that the PS5 promises huge upgrades to your gaming, but what does that actually mean for Spider-Man Miles Morales.

It starts with load times, which have disappeared. Even when fast travelling you won't have to wait to get back into the action.

Spider Man Miles Morales
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WILD RIDE: Web-slinging never looked so good

In PS5's Performance Mode the game runs at dynamic 4K & 60fps, while in Fidelity Mode it is 4k/30fps with ray tracing and other visual improvements.

Miles has plenty of his own unique animations that make him stand out as his own Spider-Man. While Peter Parker is around in the story he's not playable. This one is all Miles Morales.

Pre-order Spider-Man Miles Morales

The new game will arrive on 15 November. If you order the phyiscal copy in Europe it could well arrive before your actual PS5.



The Standard Edition is just £51.99 at Amazon, while the Ultimate Edition is £69.99.

The Ultimate Edition comes with a remastered version of the 2018 PS4 title too. That includes all three DLC chapters of The City That Never Sleeps adventure.

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