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15 Oct 2020

Spider-Man: Miles Morales – Latest gameplay shows off Spider-Cat

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Spider-Cat or Spider-Man?

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What can Spider-Cat do?

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More Features - 4K and more

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When can I have my own Spider-Cat?

As one of the launch titles for the PlayStation 5, Spider-Man: Miles Morales has rightfully received a lot of coverage recently.

With the game already boasting no loading times between areas, it seems unreasonable to ask even more of the game.

Spider Man Miles Morales
I'M SOARING: The game makes use of the PS5's new hardware

Well, aside from the 4K 60 fps resolution AND 4K 30 fps Ray Tracing resolution, Spider-Man has one more trick up its sleeve: Spider-Cat.

Let’s jump into what our feline friend means for the game now.

Spider-Cat or Spider-Man?

The cat, who is also named Spider-Man, belongs to the owner of Teo’s bodega.

The mission shows Spider-Man flying around the skyline of Harlem. Travelling to a power station in order to rescue the cute creature.

Spider man spider cat backpack
ON MY WAY: You have to save your new feline friend first

Once there, you are tasked with taking a small group of thugs before returning the Spider-Cat to Teo at his shop.

Once returned, Teo thanks you profusely, before revealing the cat as the aptly named ‘Spider-Man’.

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With the mission completed, you will be rewarded with the Spider-Cat outfit, the furry feline sat in the backpack on your back.

What can Spider-Cat do?

From the gameplay footage shown, courtesy of Game Informer, it seems the cat is a cosmetic upgrade for your character.

On finishers Spider-Cat jumps out of the backpack and assists in performing the move.

spider man spider cat
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So, not only is the cat a cool cosmetic, it is also a way to unlock a stylish (and cute) new finisher in the game.

More Features - 4K and more

Spider-Man: Miles Morales already boasts Ray Tracing capabilities in full 4K resolution, making the game a stunning delight on capable TVs.

The new Arachnid based superhero game has also made loading screens a thing of the past, utilising the PS5’s power perfectly.

When can I have my own Spider-Cat?

The game releases on 15 November for PS5.

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Coming in at £51.99, it sounds like a steal to us for next-gen.

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