Sony's PS5-Ready TVs to receive new Gaming Update

As the arrival of Sony's PS5 draw ever closer, gamers are looking for the ultimate set-up ahead of their new console's arrival.

Not one to miss a trick, Sony launched their very own 'Ready for PlayStation 5' TV campaign which featured around the ZH8 and XH90/92 BRAVIA televisions.

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However, these TVs weren't as ready for next-gen gameplay as you might think...

Not So Ready for PS5

As reported by Forbes, the ZH8 and XH90/92 BRAVIA TVs were actually in need of a firmware update before they could deliver on the promised next-gen enhancements of 4K resolution streaming at up to 120Hz .

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ARE YA READY KIDS: Sony's Bravia Series are their most PS5-ready TVs

Originally, Sony had stated that this update could be expected by Winter 2020, raising concerns that the PS5-ready TVs would in fact not be ready for the PS5's launch!


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However, Sony's most recent announcmeent has curbed those fears.

New Gaming Update for PS5-Ready TVs

That's right, Sony has released a new 4K/120Hz gaming update for their PS5-ready TVs, with the company rolling out the update across the two models TODAY!

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FULLY OPTIMISED: Sony are working to make sure their TVs will get the best from the PS5

However, this update isn't a complete fix as it doesn't include support for variable refresh rates for the XH90/92 (doesn't concern the ZH8 series as it can't support VRR), but Sony has stated that this final issue will be resolved soon.


How much are Sony's PS5-Ready TVs?

Well, as you'd expect from a TV built to get the best out of the next generation of gaming, they don't come cheap.

XH92/90 Discounted Price

The 55 inch Bravia XH92 and XH90 are the more affordable options, each on sale for £1299.

However, Currys are currently offering huge discounts of up to £400 depending on which model you go for - check out the deals below:


ZH8 Discounted Price

The ZH8 however, comes in quite a bit higher than the XH92/90 models, as the 8K TV will set you back a whopping £5999.

However, Currys has also discounted this Sony model, offering £500 off the original price:


If neither of these TVs are what you're looking for, then be sure to check out Stealth Optional's buying guide for the best 4K TVs for your PS5.