Skate 4 "Pre-Pre-Pre-Alpha" Footage Revealed, Playtesting Sign-Ups Now Open

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When it comes to the most anticipated video games currently available, very few titles can compare to EA's Skate 4, a game that was demanded for years before its announcement by fans.

It's been over 12 years since the last game in the Skate franchise was released, with the series being cancelled after Skate 3, much to the disappointment of fans. That all changed at EA's annual EAPlay show in 2020, where Skate 4 was finally announced as in production. Two years later and we've just gotten a new look. Here's all you need to know.

Skate 4 Footage Revealed, Playtesting Sign-Ups Announced.

The official Skate Twitter page posted a brand new video, showcasing what they call their "pre-pre-pre-alpha" footage that shows a lot of work-in-progress content of the game, giving an insight as to what can be expected upon its eventual release.

The trailer itself is to announce that sign-ups for playtesting and helping shape Skate 4 are now available, letting gamers get an early look at the game while it's in development. The sign-up website has been having some issues since the announcement was made due to the sheer demand from players wishing to join the insider program, so be sure to keep checking back to get your spot.

This video starts with a very basic wireframe look at Skate, with some clips from very early in the game's development while putting things together. As the trailer progresses, the details get more filled in, eventually showing more completed (but not finalised) maps and locations with players skating around. This trailer also seems to confirm quite the large multiplayer experience in Skate 4, with dozens of skaters playing simultaneously alongside a customizable skate park and an open-world-looking environment.


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