Silent Hill DMCA Takedown Suggests New Game is on the Way From Konami

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Silent Hill rumours have become one of the most common things in modern gaming news. Konami's IP has been safeguarded for some time but it seems like multiple studios and teams have tried to get a project off the ground to no avail. Likely stemming from the breakdown of Hideo Kojima led P.T, Konami is making this decision carefully. Recent DMCA strikes show that there's something they want to hide. Here's what we know about it so far.

LATEST - New Silent Hill could be a PS5 Exclusive

Jeff Grubb, a reputable journalist and gaming figure, has shared that he believes Silent Hill has a strong chance of being a PS5 exclusive. Given P.T was originally a PS4 exclusive demo, it makes sense that Konami and Sony's relationship is still strong.

Hopefully, we'll see more news on this in the future.

Konami Seemingly Confirm New Silent Hill Game Via DMCA Takedown

Silent Hill 2 Protagonist James Sunderland Standing in a Room
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As posted on the Gaming forum website Resetera and Twitter by user AestheticGamer Aka DuskGolem, the leak supposedly confirms a Silent Hill game being worked on by both Sony and Konami and consists of a series of high-fidelity screenshots that have since been taken down with DuskGolem claiming that the DMCA Takedown notice he received was from Konami themselves.

If true, this would be a public acknowledgement that the screenshots leaked by DuskGolem are real and belong to Konami, giving something concrete to what has otherwise often been nothing more than rumour and speculation.

A screenshot from the 2014 horror game P.T. or "Silent Hills"
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Despite this confirmation of the images belonging to Konami, however, this leak should be taken with a pinch of salt. While Konami has claimed the images as theirs lending a lot of believability to the rumours: We don't know for sure if the images being shown are a new Silent Hill entry and not just some other Konami project being worked on. Nor do we know if these projects will represent or resemble anything close to a final release, Silent Hill or otherwise.

We won't know either of these things until an official confirmation is made so until then, we just have to hope these leaks are true and that Konami is planning to revive Silent Hill to restore true terror to gaming once more.

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